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Please respect these or else you may see your post/thread deleted/locked.

1) No flaming
2) No trolling
3) No use of font colors other than BLACK (except on some occasions some fonts can be of diferent color- like alert & attention)
4) No lonely or mating calls, this is not dating forum (added by sniper420)
5) No soliciting
6) No diverging from subject of the post
7) No name calling (added by sniper420)
8) No non-related topics (added by Chocoholic)
9) No overtly s.e.xual content (added by Chocoholic)

Thank you for your cooperation,


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News Flash: THIS IS NOT A DATING FORUM Sep 24, 2006
After a growing number of reported cases of harrassing PMs this needs to be said:

- Please do not harrass other forum members via PMs, Email, MSN, phone, fax or snail mail.

- If members encounter such behaviour please report it to a mod or admin - we will have it taken care of.

- Once again for the prospective Romeos out there, this IS NOT a dating forum.
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Aug 26, 2007
There have been a number of posts recently from people offering services of an indecent nature. Posts of this kind will be deleted immediately. They are unacceptable to the forum.

Also posts containing peoples personal details such as email addresses, phone numbers will be edited and or deleted depending on their nature.

NEVER give out your personal information on an open forum.
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Jun 18, 2009
Once AGAIN recently there have been posts looking for dates, proposals, of a nature that goes against the rules of the forum.

Please read the rules of posting! Anymore posts of the above nature will immediately be deleted!
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Re: News Flash: THIS IS NOT A DATING FORUM Jun 08, 2014
You have repeated 4 times that the posts shouldn't include any indecency, but the whole forum or group is inappropriate. You cannot create a forum with a title "Dubai Romance" and expect nothing for those who are unfamiliar with our traditions!

Foreign men and women are asking about finding love in a Muslim country. And unconsciously you are helping them to do so. They are posting their numbers, desires and inappropriate things and you did not delete those, how come?

I hope you delete this whole useless forum, it'll be far more better.

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Re: News Flash: THIS IS NOT A DATING FORUM Feb 14, 2017
Ahh!.. when i was here, that place was just to talk about love, n it's not bad, but now, Gash!!!.... things changed!....
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