Bitter Experience With Al Sagr Insurance And Al Hidaya Auto

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Bitter Experience with Al Sagr Insurance and Al Hidaya Auto Aug 27, 2012
Couple of months ago i had an accident where in my Honda Civic got damaged from the front. After the police investigation report, i went to my insurer (Al Sagr national insurance co.). They advised my to visit Al Hidaya Garage in Sharjah. When I went there I was shoked at the number of cars lying for repair. The owner promised me that they will change the bumber and the fender and fix other areas by repainting. They kept my car for about 9 days. I was repeatedly calling them to check if they had finished working with my car. On the ninth day I went there and found my car unfinished and dirty. When i spoke to the owner about this, he said, you see we have lot of cars and we are short on labour. Then they patched up everthing that was remaining without even bothering about quality. The side indicators kept falling of, battery cable was let loose, vipers movement was disturbed and the most important mistake they did, they did not change the bumper or fender (as promised), they repaired it and without informing me.

I went home and asked my wife to go for a ride, since we had been without a car for amost 1 and a half week. When my car would not start, I found out that they did not even fix the battery cable and there was almost no power in the battery. i arranged for a jumpstart, fixed the cable and set out for the drive. Guys, you wont believe it, we were driving on Dhaid road at 100 km . hour and suddenly the duplicate covers just above the wheel came out and my vehcile started to slip from one side; the cover was going under the front left wheel. i was really terrified since my kids and my wife were with me. Somehow i managed to stop the car and call Al Hidaya owner. I was surprised with the reply he gave me, "just take off the cover and bring your car again tomorrow".

My take on this is one should go in for agency repairs, although good companies are expensive when you get your car insured, but, you can avoid the danger and hasle I have faced just for saving few bucks. Ther is no point in putting your family at risk for money. I am totally against garage repairs and condemn Al Hidaya for what they did to me.

These small garages, like Al Hidaya, tie up with insurance companies on a low cost contracts and then compromise on quality thereby putting the road users and passengers at risk.

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Re: Bitter Experience With Al Sagr Insurance And Al Hidaya A Aug 27, 2012
That sounds terrible! Did you discuss all of this with the insurance company?
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Re: Bitter Experience With Al Sagr Insurance And Al Hidaya A Aug 28, 2012
I would file a police complain, they have done repairs that have left the car unroadworthy and dangerous.
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