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Another shopping experience Oct 08, 2008
I would like to share my experience of shopping for high quality products in Festival City with all. This is an e mail I have sent to IStyle without any response what so ever:

Good afternoon

I would like to bring to your attention the following incident:

After I purchased already a 2 GB RAM for my IMac approx 2 month ago I decided to further enhance the unit with another 2 GB. I called your shop at Festival city, it was confirmed that 2 GB RAM was on stock. I went over there on the 22 /09 and purchased 2 GB RAM in a sealed cover for 330 Dhs.

To my surprise I found a 1 GB RAM unit inside when I opened the package at home. I called your shop and complaint but was told that I should insert the RAM “It will be ok, it is 2 GB” – I replied that I don t think so and that I want a replacement. Again I was told to insert the RAM, “All will be ok” – and then the phone went dead. No further communication between your busy staff (busy chatting) and me as a frustrated customer.

I called back on the 23/09 and was assured by another staff that he was very sorry about what happened and he would replace the 1 GB with 2 GB – so I went over on the 23/09 in the afternoon. What a surprise: I was given a small package which said 2 GB and when I opened it in the shop the sticker on the memory bank said 1 GB !!!!!

I was assured that this never happened before by your staff and he went to check for another memory stick – they all where packed with 2 GB stickers out side and 1 GB inside –

I was again assured that your staff will try all their best to get another – correct – unit from your other shop at Ibn B. Mal the next day – I came back the next day and guess what:

2 GB sticker outside, 1 GB inside – your staff did nt even bother checking before I came if they got the correct unit, they just waited until I got in – I requested my money back which I was assured it would happen within two days as they could not give me any cash because I paid with my credit card – TODAY IT THE 02/10 AND I STILL HAVEN T GOT MY MONEY BACK !

The service and the interest your staff shows is so low that even considering the average service level in Dubai you would deserve the golden lemon for non existing service and factual knowledge of staff.

I will refrain from purchasing any thing from either istyle or any other shop connected to your company and will tell every one to stay away from your outlets as far as possible.

Apple: This shop is a disgrace for your product and marketing.

Would be interesting if any one else has made the same experience -- let s share this and avoid other shoppers goign to these shops.


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