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Green Horizon's Experience Apr 07, 2016
I researched a few companies offering to have air condition ducts cleaned and came across a company called Green Horizon Building Cleaning LLC. They offered the most competitive price and after a few sales calls and emails I accepted their offer. They were supposed to show up at my place in the Marina area around 4.00 PM . I specifically made it clear to the sales person that I would not accept delays beyond 30 minutes. At 4.00 PM their driver who barely spoke any English, called and asked for directions! To make the story short, I involved the manager and the operation's manager of the company and asked them why they were so unorganized, needless to say I did not get a proper response, all I heard was that the driver is going to arrive in 5 minutes! Finally the crew got to my place at 6:30 PM and by then they were informed by the building security that they can't be allowed in after 5.00 PM for any type of maintenance work. So after spending 3.5 hours on the phone with a bunch of irresponsible, unprofessional people the crew were sent home. Make sure you pass along this message to those who are looking for similar services in Dubai or anywhere else. No one should go through what I went through!

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