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Dubai Islamic Bank Experience Oct 09, 2011
Hello everyone,

I have been a customer of DIB for many years now, normally i never had any hassle with them. Recently i had gone to open an account with them at the Wasit Branch in Sharjah. When i entered the door, i felt time slow down. there were only 2 people in customer service, and 2 people in the teller and it was going very slow. I went to customer service and told them i wanted to open a current account, he was puzzled...he asked his friends how to open the account, everyone had a quarter or partial idea how to open a current account. He pulled out a form and asked me to fill it. Later he said my name was not right as i have to enter a middle name and it has be according to the passport, i said my passport shows given name and surname. So after he walked around asking a couple of people he came back and had to cross out the names to rewrite them. After a loooong and slow session of him talking around, looking at his phone and typing and again talking, it was finally done. He said the atm etc etc will be ready in a few days. I left the bank and as soon as i reached the car, he called me back saying we have to make a new application as the manager declined the application with many corrections. I went back and started writing on a new application, in the mean time he vanished, i waited for 10 minutes until i asked someone to get him. They called him and he continued, again he was puzzled with some information on the form so he passed it to his friend. When we finished the form, he asked if the had an account before, i said yes. He turned back to his friend and shouted, "HE HAS AN ACCOUNT!!", his friend says, "NOOO WAYY", "YES HE DOES". I exhaled heavily and looked at him. He continued and asked me which branch. I didnt remember since i had someone do it for me before, i told him i closed in ajman but i think it was also opened in ajman. He looked and looked and turned to his friends, "ITS NOT AJMAN, I THINK ITS WASIT", I said, "Can you finish please?", he turned back and again told his another friend, "IT ISNT AJMAN". I said, "DOES IT MATTER?!" can you please finish my form. He quietly continued and finished then he brought the specimen signature form. I signed and then he tore it saying he wrote the wrong number. Then again i signed another, he tore that one as well saying the other number isnt right. He brought me another, i got up and i said, "Enough is enough...this is ridiculous, the way you people work..its been 2 hours and all i had to do was open an account", he said that he has already opened it. I said i dont care, give me my papers. He handed the papers and said, "Ok" and threw the application in his drawer.

Very bad and rude service, so much time wasted.

I headed to ADIB who opened the account in less than 10 minutes and very friendly staff.

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Re: Dubai Islamic Bank Experience Oct 29, 2011
you can add your experience on the online banksurvey:
if enough people do, perhaps it will make a difference for both the bad and the good (yes they do exist) banks.
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