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Aug 04, 2006
Wouldn't any woman being alone with a man be making herself vulnerable as "prey"? I don't think it should be that way, but that is how some men will see it. They'd say, "Well, she was visiting his house alone, or in the car with him alone. It is her fault for being in that situation, and how do we know she isn't crying wolf?" Then there could be the variations of, "What nationality is she? Oh, that explains it... What profession is she in? Oh, that explains it..." :roll:

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Aug 04, 2006
Yeah, you are right, some people see it this way, but i see it other way, that women should be strong and should teach such men a good lesson.

I really respect alot women who take good care of themselves. Martial arts lessons :) or sometimes this pepper spray or other self defence methods.

I know that not all women can do that. but for example, i was in egypt before and this lady screamed inside a man's car.... and.. i wonder how many of you been in Egypt, but we Egyptians like alot to give a helping hand....

First people just rushed into the car and helped the lady outand called the police.

The police came to find the guys car is damaged and he was totally beaten to near uncounciousness.

Yes i like this, because he asked for it by trying to take advantage of a weak lady but she proved to be able to take care of herself by making a scene.

Anyway, hope you all ladies take care of yourselves and please teach such men a good lesson, a kick on the balls always works

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Aug 04, 2006
IMJ wrote:
FeiPo wrote:
I can't believe you said things like that!!!!!!!

Even tho a girl agree with going somewhere with a man, it doesn't mean she is going to sleep with the man!!! There are many innocent people who think arab guys are so religous and conservative, and they won't do such things. For example, I'd never know the real arab men like before I actually live in Dubai. Before I came to Dubai, all I thought arab people are conservative and not allow to even talk about s_e_x!

AND a flight attendant is not a hooker, I think you head is so f*uked up if you think a flight attendant is the same as a hooker. I wonder what you think your mother is as she is a woman too??

actually, some flight attendants can be slutty, my co worker used to be a flight attendant, male, he told me bunch of stories that would happen while working, but it does not mean u go and rape females who are flight attendants and it is definitely wrong to think all of them are this way.

In this case not only flight attendants, it can be girls from any industries.
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Aug 04, 2006
i do agree that it can be a gurl form any industry.

I choose this occupation as Dubai one of world biggest hubs, and i saw here more flight attendents more than any place on earth.

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Aug 04, 2006
(Jonathan, if you're still reading this thread, I have nothing to contribute per your request, but would like to read your article once it's published - do send us a link or the name of the publication that will feature it.)

I agree with everyone that criticized yshimy's seeming nonchalance to the subject of rape, however I can't entirely disagree with some of his points. yshimy stresses that women need to be aware of their surroundings and of who they should trust - I think he brings up an important issue.

Some variations on this story suggest that the victim had been drinking with friends, but then she found herself alone waiting for a taxi. I think that there are still unanswered questions. Where were her friends? Was she really with friends and if she was, why did they leave her alone or why did she choose to leave alone? She accepted to get into a vehicle with of a group of strangers, all men. Where was her common sense? If it was one stranger or four, it was still a very foolish thing to do.

There is no excuse for rape, no matter and no matter what the circumstances. But I think that accepting the fact that there is never an excuse for rape and also accepting that women need to use their common sense and avoid risky situations is not a contradiction.

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Aug 04, 2006
Thanks for understanding my point.

And i'm also interested in the article and hope the journalist would do some real good digging into the issue

Good luck man "the journalist" and thanx Freza

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Aug 05, 2006
Obviously...no one here has been raped before...and so am I.

Please lets just stop judging her for whatever her intention was...the fact that she was raped is not acceptable. How would you feel if it happens to one of your family member?


"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."
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Aug 05, 2006
Just wanted to add to this thread that its not always the woman who is innocent.... :oops:

I cannot imagine how a woman or man feels like after being raped.It must be a terrible thing for those people of genuine rape cases....but....

It just has to be noted that some women do end up in a bed or a place that they were happy with "the night before", then wake up sober and decide otherwise.

Im just saying this, as I know of some girls who have played the "I was raped" card here in Dubai, when in atual fact they werent.

My brothers friend also ended up in jail because his girlfriend accused him of rape after they had an arguement one day. He spent 3 months in jail, ended up losing his job, and he is contemplating moving away from his home town as now he has a false reputation of being the "rapist".

Funnily enough, the girlfriend confessed that she had lied....
What happened to her?! Nothing.
She ruined the guys life........mud sticks.

Two sides to every coin.......and a thin line between truth and lies.
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Aug 05, 2006
I am locking and editing this post.

The reason is quite simply i find the post by Yshimy one of the most disgusting and offensive posts i have ever had the displeasure to read on this forum.

Yshimy, your overview and total Arab narrow mindedness portral of attitutes towards females is a disgrace.

You are an embarassement not only to yourself but your nation.

Maybe you and your "brothers" should not spend so much time in Cyclone Yshimy.

I have deleted all references to his post.

I apologise to XRW, IMJ Alexandra AJB Raidah etc for editing your posts.This is the first time i have ever had to do this and i hope it will be the last.

A personal note for you Yshimy.

Maybe instead of mouthing off your twisted perception of "women", maybe you need to look closer to home to your friends on here that lie and cause the utmost public disgrace to their wives. - Yes, you know what i am taliing about !!!!
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