A False Absconding Case Puts My Dad In Dubai Jail

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A False Absconding case puts my Dad in Dubai jail Apr 26, 2013
Here are the facts :

We are living in this country for around 30 years now. We have no cases against us.

When my Dad went to the Sharjah Immigration court to fix my visa, we came to know that the company has filed a false case of Absconding against us an year ago and they didn't tell us about it.

After I became 18, I couldn't get a visa, my university didn't give me a visa. I overstayed so after getting my degree and masters, I was planning on moving to Australia so we went to fix my UAE visa at the immigration court and then only we came to know about dad's false absconding case.

The sponsor of his company is a CID Muhdeer, whatever the word ' Muhdeer' is. So, it has been very hard fighting against the company. My Dad filed a case at the labour against the company for false absconding but somehow the labour rejected the case even though everyone said we are going to win.

The owner of the company admitted to paying money to someone at the labour to get the case removed.

My dad went to the Sharjah court to help his friend. After they got on their car and started driving, another car came up beside theirs and two CIDs asked my Dad for his identity and they called on their phone and asked for any case against my Dad and his friend and they caught my Dad and put him in jail.

I literally tried all means. The company cancelled all his cards like the labour card and so on. Even after we got a letter from the sponsor after agreeing to pay him money and pay money to the company for the absconding fine (even though its a false report), the Sharjah immigration asked us to take this case to the Dubai labour court and they asked us to cancel my Dad's visa.

Since my visa is screwed, when my Dad's visa is cancelled, I might be put in jail instead.

What do I do? I will pay you if you can help me fix this. Thanks

--- Apr 26, 2013 ---

My Dad started a company in Sharjah Hamiriyah freezone. At least, we need to able to move his visa to there.

--- Apr 26, 2013 ---

The company hasn't paid the fine yet even after taking money from us. After we found out this absconding case, the company promised to fix this and at that time as well, we paid the company and they didn't do anything.

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Re: My Dad Was Put In Jail Apr 26, 2013
Wow! How can a company file a false case of absconding?

Did your Dad even work in that company? Do you have lawyers, what are they saying?
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Re: My Dad Was Put In Jail May 29, 2013
contact with me i will inshallah clear 0553096446
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Re: My Dad Was Put In Jail Aug 01, 2013
Just an update to the case :

After 4 and half month, my dad is still in jail. My application to Sharjah labor was rejected twice without giving me any explanations. I have hired a lawyer and we are still trying to remove the case.

The way the Sharjah Police is forcing my Dad to submit his passport to the jail by using various techniques and lies and manipulation are deplorable, so that they can cancel his visa by force.

He was sent from Sharjah to Abu Dhabi jail and sent back. The Abu Dhabi jail told him that they can't cancel his visa because he has a family here when my dad told Abu Dhabi jail people that he has a family here and a case is going on. Why did Sharjah jail sent him to Abu Dhabi knowing all well that his visa won't be cancelled because he has a family and we are pursuing a case? They are using manipulations to make my dad give his passport to Sharjah jail.

This absconding law should be abolished or modified. Companies are using this as a technique to sent people away from their company when they are unable to pay the salary or if they have a grudge.

--- Aug 01, 2013 ---

Andyba ,

Yes, they can. They will file an absconding case and they won't tell you about it. You will only know about this case when you are asked by an official to show him your ids and when they check the ids especially at the airport.

They will put you in their vehicle and they will take you directly to jail. No questions asked. They won't even hear you out.

No access to lawyers or any legal help as well. If you don't sponsor a family here, they will sent you back the next day itself and ban you from entering the country again by taking iris scans and everything.

This is abhorable. Modern day slavery.

The government will even publish news articles telling everyone that they know that companies misuse it a lot yet they won't do any justice to people like my dad.


--- Aug 01, 2013 ---

naeembaloch52 ,

Thanks. I already have an advocate. I will let you know if I need any more help. Regards
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Re: A False Absconding Case Puts My Dad In Dubai Jail Nov 18, 2013
what happened to case of your father any good news?
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Re: A False Absconding Case Puts My Dad In Dubai Jail Jun 11, 2014
Jhun ,

Good News. I was finally able to get my dad out of jail after more than 6 months in jail.

I couldn't reply due to stress.

The total cost is around Dhs.80,000 including 30,000Dhs scammed by an individual who worked for the embassy.

Really, he worked for the embassy voluntary and had a strong relation with them as a social worker but he was a scam artist who use the suffering and situation of other people to get money from embassy and from people who need his help.

Seriously, watch out for these kind of people.

We were asked by him to give him money so he can start a new company for my dad, he said if my dad's name gets entered into the company, and we show the license to the authorities he would get released.

Instead, he started a company and took the company as his own and he brought his family from his country using our money.

He tried his best to deceive us to give up our passports so he can cancel our visa. He worked with a police man in the jail.

Never give up your passports to anyone.

Even if the police call and harass you, never give up the passport even to the Police.

They harass you and threaten you so you give up the passport. They will say things like 'we know where you live', 'I will send your dad out of country with or without passport', then they will act nice once in a while and say "We are only trying to help you"

They just want your passport and send you out of the country.

Since I don't want to start an issue or investigated, I am refraining from explaining it further. Even if this is investigated, there is no proof with us.

Also we had to borrow a lot of money to pay the rent and electricity and telephone and other bills.

We couldn't renew the tenancy contract. The real estate was kind enough to let us stay beyond our contract but we had difficulty paying it up or we were given many warnings. 99% of real estates won't do this so I feel sorry for others in this situation.

If you calculate all the mental stress and psychological issues, I would suggest that if you ever come to this situation, you cancel your visa and go back.

But if you are a fighter, just fight and when all the issues are resolved, sue the sponsor and his company big time, I wonder how that will go since obviously the laws are biased. But you have your own honor and character to uphold since you didn't do anything wrong to deserve this.

So, the solution to this problem is :

Talk with your company sponsor, not the owners, but the sponsor and pay him off and his PRO.

The PRO cheated another 10,000Dhs saying he will fix this by giving this to the sponsor but we are sure he took it himself, before that the owner scammed 8,000Dhs saying that he will fix the problem.

Had to pay 10,000Dhs to lawyer. The lawyer had to get the sponsor to sign saying he needs my dad back at his company.

Hire a very good lawyer from the get go. Don't ask the typing centers or labor office. They suck. They don't have a clue. Don't ask the embassy as well. They are no use.

The typing centers, labor people all told us, there was no use in hiring a lawyer. But you need to hire a lawyer to put pressure on your company and sponsor.

IF you ask me, go live and work in Qatar since they abolished the sponsorship system. If you come to Dubai, have a very good lawyer ready and don't trust absolutely anyone and hold onto your document and never give your passport to anyone.

And always check one in two or three months, your current legal status by typing your passport number in the computer in court or by asking a typing center to do it so you can find out if your company had done anything against you secretly.

If you are only absconding for 25 days and you find out about it, you are lucky. You can remove it without going through all this trouble. In my case, they hid it from us for an year even though they talked to my dad normally and my dad went to work normally.

Currently, even though my dad is out of jail, he has no visa. We were able to get the absconding case removed but they have put a one year work ban as well.

Such insane laws. One after another.

Now we have to spent another 30,000Dhs to get his new visa by starting another new company still.
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undefined Oct 01, 2014
can you you please contact me thank you.,Rehan from pakistan 00923112727272

--- Oct 01, 2014 ---

androidappme ,can you send his number i have also same problem
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undefined Aug 11, 2015
I am new in dubai, this is my first job with this company on limited
contract and work as IT Support on salary 2500 (without food), but my
designation is photo printer....in mid of July 2015 we were facing virus
issue in our 13 branches, I have done this with day and night work, now
all operation runs smoothly, on 6th of August 2015, every body got the
salary except me, I went to office and asked my accounts department that
what about my salary they told me that your salary has been stopped due
to virus issue. and also tell m,e that this is your fault now put an
apology letter and we will release your salary. I told them that this is
not my fault viruses came from customer's usb, there is no internet in
branches how can i update the antivirus, after several discussion they
still want signed letter from me and threaten me that if you will not
give us letter we will send you in jail and declare you as absconder .
on 9th of august 2015 I have registered a complaint against company for
non payment of salary and cancellation of work permit, I want to go back
to my country permanently I am father of 5 children and live on rent in
Pakistan. me and my family physically and mentally disturb because my
family face hunger in pakistan and i am here. can some body help me for
this issue....I don't know the law of Dubai, I beg to all muslim persons
live in Dubai............My No. 0552293420................my complaint #
MB155955054AE, this company belongs to a Pakistani politician.
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undefined Dec 21, 2015
androidappme ,can you please share your number

--- Dec 21, 2015 ---

can you please share your number

--- Dec 21, 2015 ---

m also facing the same problem please reply me
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