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absconding case Mar 04, 2014
My employer put me in an absconding case last december 2013
I went out last dec.6 for an off but i stay more two days outside at my cousins place coz i got a bad attack of my migraine i didnt went back their place coz i cant take a rest due to a lot of people there and i dont have privacy at all
for now the case still there he said they had the abscond letter from immigration and they can remove the case if i will pay them 8 thousand dirhams and they also said if i will keep on complaining the immigration will put me in blocklist automatically for lifetime
now i want to know how to solve this case i was working them for 8 mos and my visa will expire this july 2014 i dont have any emirates id from them and i couldnt sign any enployment contract eversince

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Re: Absconding Case Apr 05, 2014
Hello All

I would like to know if anyone in this forum can help/advice me on this issue:

I was employed in a pvt consulting firm in Tecom FZ on the company visa on a limited contract from Sept 2013. the ocntract was limited for 3 years. Due to some family emergency i had to go back to my country and the situation is such that i cannot go back to UAe to resume my job. I had intimated my company about my absence immediately after landing in my country. I also resigned and send them the various insurance & tecom id cards after knowing the situation at home. they now want me to compensate 1.5mnths salary as per the labour laws and if i do not do so, they say they can report me as absconding.

my visa becomes in june 2014 by virtue of me being out of the country for 6mnths. I have not sent them my passport for cancellation since i am not in a position to travel currently and sending it through courier is risky.

I would like to know whether my employer can file a genuine case of absconding, since i have already communicated to them about my whereabouts through emails and have a copy of them all? what would happen to the visa after it becomes invalid? does it have to be cancelled to avoid problems for me in future..like avoiding problems during transit travel, etc?

Kindly advice

thank you
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undefined Aug 12, 2014
len28 ,

I run a PRO services firm and we facilitate all types of visas and pertinent issues. Please contact me on mohdkabir788@gmail.com and I shall guide you further.

Good Luck!
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undefined Aug 26, 2014
mohdkabir ,get your number plz
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Re: Absconding Case Aug 26, 2014

I want to seek for an advice what will be the worst possibility that will happen to
me because i am the guarantor of a overstay tourist visa. the travel
agency telling me they will file a case against me. is it true? and what

-thanks for reply
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