First Gulf Bank Service And Security Cheque Issue

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First Gulf Bank service and security cheque issue Feb 15, 2009
Hi All

I am from Dubai having very poor service from FGB known to all;

Had credit card with this bank for more than year and tried to cancel to secure back my security cheque;
Surprisingly these are following instances taken place;
1) When i called for cancellation, agreed and informed some rep from retail banking will call for further process; and i clearly informed about return of my security cheque;
2) 3 to 4 times retail banking reps called me and informed i will not get security cheque on return;
3) Yesterday some body else called from bank and informed that even No Liability certificate will not be issued;

What is the system they follow during cancellation of credit card?
When they take credit card, very sweet words from the rep;
But Today very rude words for all answers?

Whom to complain about this bank ; pls help me;

I want ot get back my own security cheque bcoz during credit card process, rep clearly said security cheque will be returned on cancellation;

But today they are not ready to give back my own personal cheque? Why?

Just send me the details to get the cheque back: Thanks

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Mar 13, 2009
You may want to do something else... You can request your bank to have that particular cheque blocked.

You might need to file a police complaint though before the bank can accept such a request.
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Sep 02, 2009
I havbe an account with FGB (Wealth Customer) and i am also VERY UNsatisifed with their services.. I will be closing my account with them soon.
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