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Blacklist Gulf Computers Sep 16, 2013
Gulf Computers LLC needs to be blacklisted in Dubai as they get money but don't pay salaries of Employes for 3 months

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Re: Blacklist Gulf Computers Sep 17, 2013
That's disgraceful. I don't know how they dare do that.
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undefined Feb 12, 2014
hello sir

I would like to ask u some thing..i was working in big company in Dubai..before 2 years contract I change the new job..but my new job is free zone..they cancel my visa..they give me one month time to apply new visa..unfortunately my new visa delay because of my passport..i request them give me a few visa is processing..but they give my passport to the immigration report run I have new company visa..but immigration say last sponsor make me block UAE..u can't come UAE anymore..i contact my last company..they say they will not remove the block..i can't take my can I do sir..kindly reply to me
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Re: Blacklist Gulf Computers Jul 08, 2014
Hi.... sir please help me now I'm still in black list I came 2007 in clining company with 3year visa but I'm work only 1 year with them then I'm rana way 2 year but I'll back my country when visa finished but many time I'll try I cannot make visa bicoz I'm black list what can I do please last I'll try before 3week I came back 2011 but still I cannot make Dubai visa help me pleaseee
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Re: Blacklist Gulf Computers Oct 16, 2014
What is the link of their website?
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