Sixth Command: “Thou Shalt Not Murder!"

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Sixth Command: “Thou shalt not murder!" Nov 20, 2023
What happened with the sixth commandment to the Jewish people???

Sixth Command:
“Thou shalt not murder!” (Ex. 20:13)

As a Muslim I believe that this order is from God, the One and Only. As I do believe in Torah and Bible as well, that they are from God.

But it seems that many Jewish people today do not follow Torah. Maybe only parts that were fabricated by prior people! That's sad!

If I were them, I would start from the basics and if anything contradicts basics I would refuse it, knowing that contradiction was fabricated.

All misguided people have the same thing in common: they follow Satan at the end.

Is it so hard to use brain and try to understand basics? And I am saying this for all, including misguided Muslims.

May Allah s.w.t. guide us all and help humanity against Satan and Dajjal, Allahumme Amin.

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