Arab Women And Non Arab Guys

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Re: :) Oct 27, 2009
Arabian.Rose wrote:I am an Emarati female and always been attracted to expats and would like to point out few things
that in UAE it always been easy for an Arab guy to do what so ever because the culture/tradition sees
that nothing humiliates a man, an Emarati female cannot date (we date in secret) and one mistake by us females will humiliate the family name
which is not fair. You will see alot of Arab woman dating American and Europeans in secret but what if they fell in love?
the only way for an Emarati woman to be with the love of her life is running away with him, specially if her family are not open minded
and could get dragged into honour killing...the UAE desert is filled with dead bodies that no one talks about. I have dated a great American guy and had the courage to walk in the mall of the emirates with him, dinner and movies and the way the Emarati guys stared at us was filled with anger and jealousy. I do hope that things could change in UAE and us Emarati females could be with who ever we choose without being judged by society and get executed by the hands of our own parents. And I do hope that every Emirati guy who dates non locals could give there sisters a chance to do the same.

Oh and I always been told that expats are scared to date an Emirati female.. is that true?

hi arabian rose

am an emirati girl too, all what u have said is true and i totally 100% agree with u, am in a relationship with somone from the other side of the world , i know no one would except this but to be honest we should teach the society a lesson and show them that not only men have the right to marry whoever they want , we women have rights too , our hearts are not a trash , we need to feel and love and be with somone we wish to be with , our fate doesnt have to be from the same country or race, allowing to marry only emirati is a rule that they created , if no one marry you until u are 27 or 28 ppl will tell u that ur chance of marriage is gone and no one will marry u , OMG!!!!! what kind of a crazy way of thinking is that?
what if a girl found her person from another country, what she should do, leave the one she loves and marry somone that her family wants, but this is her life , shes the one whos gonna live it.

i have alot more to say but am honestly very sad :( cuz of this fact , but my advice is that nothing is impossiable.

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Nov 01, 2009
Natural, men are like this.
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Re: Arab Women And Non Arab Guys Jan 11, 2015
PrincessN , come to india its open for your love, can love anyone marry anyone as you wish.
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undefined Mar 17, 2015
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Re: Arab Women And Non Arab Guys Feb 20, 2016
Arabian.Rose ,

--- Feb 20, 2016 ---

Yes its true i guess. As no one wants to get dumped in the desert.. Lol
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Re: Arab Women And Non Arab Guys Feb 29, 2016
"Men are able to marry women who are not Muslim. The wife is not obligated to convert to Islam. On the other hand, women must marry a Muslim. Many expats are not willing to convert to Islam."

i am agree with this reply. its true. women are not allowed to marry with a non muslim man.
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Re: Arab Women And Non Arab Guys May 17, 2016
dida308 ,Well I disagree with you.. Mostly we are scared of your families being very strict to not only you (by you I mean, Arab Women) but also to us (like honor killing or something like that)
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