American Girl Marrying Emirati Man HELP !

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American girl marrying Emirati man HELP ! Dec 12, 2013
We r both here in the US. His family is in Dubai. We r planning to marry this summer and his family will be coming here to attend our wedding. I was just talking to him about our marriage and he told me I will be keeping my family name. Really !? I didn't know this ! I'm crushed ! I always dreamed of the day I would marry and be given my husband's family name. I'm shocked and sad. Is this really true ?? There's no way arround this ?? I love him so I guess I'll just have to deal with it if it can't be any other way. I need help ladies. I have NO Emirati girl friends and I have no clue what my wedding is supposed to be like. I need some girls to guide me Please !

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Re: American Girl Marrying Emirati Man HELP ! Dec 12, 2013
It's always possible to change your name to whatever you want in most of the countries. I don't think you can't take your husband's name wherever you are getting married. A few years ago they even allowed to a Bulgarian to change his name legally to Manchester United. So worst case scenario - you both become Bulgarian citizens and change your name to whatever you want to. :)
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Re: American Girl Marrying Emirati Man HELP ! Jan 03, 2014
Americangapeach ,did u agree with your groom what traditionts u gonna keep during ur wedding ceremony?

As for family name, I haven't heard that arabian wives don't change their last names. They do change them. I think that this is a private choise of ur boyfriend and his family not to give their family name to u. Talk honestly to him!
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