Pew Poll Of How Muslims And Westerners View Each Other

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Pew Poll of how Muslims and Westerners view each other Jul 22, 2011
Quite interesting - by that I mean revealing - but also hardly surprising for a number of members who don't live in fantasy land.

I'll start off by pointing out Westerners have more positive views of Muslims than Muslims have of Westerners. Muslims also have largely negative views of Christians and uniformly negative views of Jews:

Majorities in Britain (64%), France (64%), Russia (62%) and the U.S. (57%) express positive views of Muslims. Opinions are nearly divided in Germany, where 45% have a favorable view of Muslims and 47% offer negative ratings; in 2006, a majority (54%) of Germans had unfavorable views of Muslims, while 36% had positive opinions....

Spain had the highest negative views of Muslims - 55% viewed Muslims negatively and 37% viewed Muslims positively.


In the the Muslim world, views of Christians were more negative. Pakistan and Turkey were the lowest, with only 16% & 6% having favorable views of Christians, respectively. Lebanon was the highest with 96% of respondents having favorable views of Christians but most of the Muslim world (exception being Indonesia, where Christians do not have religious freedoms, btw - and that's supported by most Indonesians) had favorable views of Christians which were low.

So much for 'Islamophobia'. Where's Christianophobia?

Next up are the Jews. The Western world held favorable views of the Jews, but the Muslim world, even in regions such as Pakistan and Indonesia far and away from the Arab-Israeli conflict, views of Jews were extremely low.

On top of that, Muslims also believed Judaism was inherently violent (something Muslims often claim 'Islamophobes' say of Islam - how ironic). Also worrisome, Muslims by and large believe 9/11 attacks were carried out by Jews rather than Muslims:



Muslims Much More Critical

On balance, Muslims in the predominantly Muslim countries surveyed are more likely to associate negative characteristics with Westerners than non-Muslims are to associate them with Muslims. For example, nearly nine-in-ten (89%) Jordanian Muslims use at least three of the six negative adjectives tested to describe people in Western countries, as do majorities in Egypt (81%), Turkey (73%), the Palestinian territories (71%), Pakistan (67%) and Indonesia (63%); only in Lebanon is this not the case.

In contrast, Spain is the only Western country surveyed where a majority (60%) of non-Muslims associate three or more negative characteristics with Muslims. At least three-in-ten non-Muslims in Britain (39%), the U.S. (35%) and France (30%) do not attribute any of the six negative characteristics tested to Muslims. ... persist/3/

Troubling as well are the conspiracy theories in the Muslim world:

Image ... persist/4/

The vast majority of Muslims totally reject the notion that Arabs/Muslims carried out the attacks. Besides the problem with majorities subscribing to conspiracy theories, David Cook, author of Understanding Jihad notes the correlation between Muslim societies which believe in conspiracy theories and Muslim radicalization.

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