Danish Shooter Honored By 'Danes' With Flowers...

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Danish shooter honored by 'Danes' with flowers... Feb 17, 2015
It's difficult to believe how this wouldn't cause complete outrage if any other community spontaneously began honoring a terrorist who killed people in the same nation in which he was living.

This is a toxic threat growing in many European societies. No one has an answer to the issue and, worse, it's largely forbidden to even acknowledge a problem.

Hooded young people have removed the lights and flowers from the terror-suspect’s murder site on Svanevej in Copenhagen.

Young people have removed the flowers while explaining that they were “brothers” to the 22-year-old killer Omar El-Hussein. The young people said that it was not Muslim tradition to lay flowers for the dead.

TV 2’s reporter on the spot, Lisbeth Davidsen, tried to connect with young people, but their reaction was, “No comment. Do not you understand Danish?”

“They think the young man was prematurely declared a terrorist and perpetrator before you actually have proof. They perceive the Danish society as being discriminatory against Muslims. They say that if you have dark hair and are called Muhammad, then you can not get work. One is always disenfranchised,” says Lisbeth Davidsen.

Another person to whom Lisbeth Davidsen spoke said that the body of the man who was killed in front of the synagogue Saturday night was covered with a white cloth, while this man was allowed to lie to open as a spectacle for everyone.

“It shows that there is clear discrimination when a Jew dies and a Muslim dies. They think there is something very paradoxical in coverage. If Muslims are killed, one hears nothing about it. But if it is Jews who are being killed, we hear about it right away,” says Lisbeth Davidsen.

Police were also here in force, on the sidelines as the flowers were removed, but police did not intervene.

Then the young men shouted in unison, “God is Great” in Arabic, before they disappeared around the corner.

The young people put a white slip up in the flowers’ place that says:

“May Allah be merciful with you. Rest in peace.”

22-year-old Omar El-Hussein was shot and killed by police early Sunday morning at Svanevej in Nørrebro in Copenhagen. The police suspect that he is behind the terrorist attack on Krudttønden and the Jewish synagogue in Krystalgade. The terrorist attack killed two civilians and wounded five policemen.

Since then, people have laid flowers at the two places where the attacks took place, but also on Svanevej where Omar El-Hussein was killed. Several politicians have expressed themselves, not understanding why people put flowers on Svanevej.

http://nyhederne.tv2.dk/samfund/2015-02 ... -drabssted

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