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3d digital Animation looking for businesspartnership/student Oct 06, 2006
hi everyone again.

we are small company (a group of Animator) based in sydney. we are qualified from Australia. we are planing to open school and business in dubai.
we offer a training kit and classess in UAE (dubai-sharja-abu dabi).also we make a lot of Animation and VFX for TV commercials and music clips and some TV kids animation cartoons. we are looking for talented people from all around the world. but in dubai. our website and contact will be published soon in next year. including biggest commercial tv with high VFX , only a office will be open in dubai(to communicate with companies and student) the main studio will be in outside dubai(only for studnet and staff). we are very busy and we will be more busy. so. if you talented person,good in animation , looking for job and good payment? or are you intrested to learn quickly? please contact us. or you welcome to our office.

for people who they are in film industry. if you looking for vfx in film or movies? do you need a project or script. let us know.

we offer high quality render and vfx degisn.

before apply for any position please be aware of following title
1- studnets (they have to know basic of animation or IT background)
- own apple computer-software-license

for job seekers(Animator or VFX Artist)
you have to know of this programs in Advance level.

-not 3d max(we not working with 3d max)
-3d maya
-apple shake 4.0
-realflow 4.0
-Adobe after effects
-Adobe photoshop
-PF track
-renderman (pixar)

-payment for employee
if you are doing great job. we pay you per project. between 30%-50% of the project is ur salary. we don,t offer hours/month's/year salary
we work per second.

most of project are between 50-120 second. but this time, cost you alot of time and energi.
only the big project like kids 3d animation cartoon are different. we offer differnet salary. we will nego later.

we are looking for
-3d animator (modeling-texturing-rigging-animation-rendering)
-VFX compositing (blue screen)
-sound track(knowlede of film music and sound file)
-scrip writter(knowledge of script for commercial and story's)
-cameraman (we work with HDV and canon xl2)
-renderman (people who are working only with rendering)you need have own equipment. also knowledge of network rendering.

we are using apple mac (Imac G5), knowledge of mac is very important.

my habiby
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