The Earthlings Shall Be Muslims - WHY?

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The Earthlings shall be Muslims - WHY? Oct 31, 2022
There were times when human beings were not living on The Earth.
Same as we are now not living on Mars.

When we observe Scientist and their activities of preparing Astronauts for the life in Space or Moon/Mars, we see that they must think of everything from the best food to exercise and lifestyle that support physical/mental health and well being of astronauts.
In Space stations Astronauts need to exercise 2.5 hours every day, in order to stay fit, to be able to return to the Earth and to function here in a full capacity.

That made me think of the Almighty God when He decided to put humans on the Earth, He prepared everything for them to survive and thrive, but also send them instructions on how to behave, feed themselves, clothe themselves and interact with each other, how to produce food in order to live sustainably through generations. God ask us to observe ground, air, rain, process of plant growing etc.
Through examples He is teaching us how to grow food using all He is mentioning in the Guidance.

As the gravity is pulling everything down, including humans, we all need daily exercise to be able to move and stay healthy and keep our bones and skeleton strong.
No wonder why we Muslims "exercise" 5 times a day through prayers and meditate at the same time.
We have manuals for what to eat and what to avoid, how to live, how to interact with others so that we all together survive and reproduce and stay protected.

But why to be Muslims, why not Jews or Christians for example?
Simply because Qur'an is the latest instruction from God. The most modern one and the most suitable for the modern times. This world changed a lot since people came to it. So the instructions changed from time to time as well. The latest one is a miracle for itself as perfectly covered everything what modern human needs.
It talks about changing day into the night and vice versa. Telling to the people when is optimal time for work and when for sleep. For example the best time to sleep is earlier at night but the last third of the night is the best time to be awake.
It talks about everything relevant to us actually.

But all of this shows us that there is a better place, more suitable for human life, the place from where human beings actually came to the Earth. Talking about the first "astronauts" that landed on the Earth ADAM and EVA (Hava)...

They had everything in Paradise (place from where they were sent to the Earth). They had the most optimal conditions for life...but they had to come to this Planet and got the ability sure they survive the "fall" or transmission.
We know from the Message that they didn't "land" at the same spot and they had to search after each other.
Imagine now two Astronauts landing on the different sides of the Moon and they have to find each other. Of course they would need a guidance and help from the Earth!
In a similar situation God sent guidance to Adam and Eva and eventually they found each other.
Also He sent guidance later to their children and to different nations, when they formed.

By knowing human nature God forbid wars. He said that He does not like those who attack first, and if people are in a position that they have defend themselves then they must fight. Also He guided humans not to kill civilians even during the battles. Also not to kill prisoners, nor to cut trees, nor to harm animals...
Why all this guidances during the wars and conflicts?? So that survivors of war will be able further to survive on the Earth.
Imagine a disaster on Mars if people, who will be sent there, inshallah, fight each other. Some might kill other, but disaster will not be that much if non of them destroys the habitat!
Of course Astronauts will have instructions and orders not to harm instruments, habitats, technology , food supplies etc. in order that the mission can be successful and people survive and thrive and come back to the Earth, if they could.

How smart human being can think that people need all this preparations and guidance, experiments and research in order to survive in the the Space, but they do not think that humans needed a guide and instructions on how to survive and thrive on the Earth!
That's impossible!

Some will now say that they do not believe that humans were sent to the Earth, rather that they were monkeys.
I wonder if in the future people land on Mars and survive, reproduce and create sustainable life, will new generations say that they didn't come from The Earth, or elsewhere, but rather they evolved from their pets!!

Being a non Muslim is not scientific at all!

In my opinion it is also not smart, as in the modern time The Guidance (Qur'an) is available to all humans behind few clicks.

--- Tue Nov 01, 2022 10:02 am ---

I can't stop thinking about qur'anic instructions that are so much relevant to the Space missions in this modern world.
When we see Astronauts preparing for missions on the International Space Station, we see them working/exercising under the water, as water is the closest environment that mimics conditions in the Space.

Humans are weightless, floating, easily moving into any direction.

And yet I can't stop thinking of Yunus a.s. (Jonah in the Bible).

He was swallowed by a huge whale and it was in the condition as the most similar to the space. Inside the whale is comparable with inside the spacecraft, inside the water as in the Space.

And what was his condition: weakness. His body becomes weak, his muscles and bones. He was ill.

And what God did? Saved him by throwing him to the open shore and He caused to grow over Yunus (Jonah) a gourd vine.

So why the gourd/pumpkin?

Maybe that is the food that helps in a such condition and maybe that is the recipe for the food of Astronauts.

If they want to have strength and remain healthy they shall eat food based on gourds/pumpkins!

Qur'anic instructions for the modern world are easy as that! Just copy what God did to ensure survival of humans on the Earth and you will make it to the Space.

What a Book! It contains Universal messages, instructions, is teaching the most modern human how to succeed, and how to enter the Space.

Yeah, it even mentioned it:

Our'an; chapter Ar-Rahman (55, verse 33): "O company of jinn and mankind, if you are able to pass beyond the regions of the heavens and the earth, then pass. You will not pass except by authority [from Allah ]."

So guys, If you want to pass beyond Earth and reach Mars as astronauts, first be Muslims and get help from Allah, by using His instructions from the most modern and universal guidance; The Holy Qur'an!

And this guidance was revealed and sent more than 1400 years ago. Did people of the desert think of traveling to the Space at that time? No.

But this is the Universal Book for all times, so that every modern era finds something most relevant to their presence. That is the beauty of The Holy Qur'an and its miracle.

We just have to follow it to succeed.

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