How Are Non-Muslims To Make Peace With Muslims?

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How are non-Muslims to make peace with Muslims? Sep 13, 2011
The Koran says Muslims must never seek peace with unbelievers if the Muslim side is militarily more powerful than the enemy:

Koran 47:35 - So do not faint and call for peace; you shall be the upper ones, and God is with you, and will not deprive you of your works.

And the Koran says Muslims can only make covenants (treaties) with non-Muslims at the Holy Mosque:

9:7 - How can there be a treaty with Allah and with His messenger for the idolaters save those with whom ye made a treaty at the Inviolable Place of Worship? So long as they are true to you, be true to them. Lo! Allah loveth those who keep their duty.

However, in another verse, non-Muslims are later prohibited from the Holy Mosque:

Koran 9:17 - It is not for the idolaters to inhabit God's places of worship, witnessing against themselves unbelief; those -- their works have failed them, and in the Fire they shall dwell forever.

In fact, if we go back to what v9:7 says, the first part of the verse is quite opposed to making treaties with non-Muslims.

The verse rhetorically asks, "[h]ow can there be a treaty with Allah and with His messenger for the idolaters...", answering that there can be no treaties between non-Muslims and Muslims except where previous treaties were already signed.

v9:17 prohibits renewing these treaties with unbelievers since unbelievers are prevented from returning to the Holy Mosque.

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Re: How are non-Muslims to make peace with Muslims? Sep 13, 2011
Nope, eh, you won't get away with starting new threads to get away from threads you started and now can't answer the questions raised.

(Especially as the questions raised in this thread have already been dealt with here:

Let's see the questions you're avoiding:

1. You need to explain your 'new religion' theory to back up your assertion that the Bible isn't clear what happens to Hindus - i.e. where do the 'condemned' and 'damned' Hindus go, if they don't go to Hell:

2. You need to explain your stance on the related question - do you agree that the Pope is the anti-Christ and is going to hell, as some of your fellow Christians do:

3. And let's not forget the list of Biblical verses that confuse you (such as talking donkeys, sun stopping in the sky) etc:

But I'm very interested in understanding you 'new religion' theory - why you have had to invent a new religion to back up your view that unbelievers DON'T go to hell as Christians believe, based on the Bible.

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