Logic And Professional Religion

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Logic and Professional Religion Aug 15, 2020
In UAE children don't have subject 'Logic' at secondary schools (at least mine didn't have and anyone I know as well).
Back in my country students have it obligatory at grade 12. Still :roll: :roll:
2020 years after New Era still the same knowledge of Aristotle and Platon, unchanged and without any upgrade. As if 2000 years were not enough for anyone to change anything.
At least to find out that Logic doesn't come from some "Third Kingdom"!
Or with all new technology at least to find that Kingdom and stop teaching kids unchanged nonsense for 2020 years! :shaking2: :shaking2:

But then with all science of Logic in the background, people in my country do such a parody sale like selling the air "that heals all diseases" in the plastic bottles.
The air from the depth of the pyramid of Bosnia! You can't say it is an 'empty bottle' because logic says that inside is the air!

That's pure science :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

But that would just be as funny as many other parodies if it doesn't come to professionally religious people!
Religious professionals in my and many other countries (not all - but majority) sell 'sawabs' to people for money!

For example they read one chapter from Qur'an and sell 'rewards' (that God shall give them for reading it) to other people for cash!
If they read the whole Qur'an ("khatmah") then they take much bigger amount of cash.

In Qur'an we learnt about Dunya and Akhirah (this world and Hereafter). In 'Logic' we learnt about "The Third Kingdom". So maybe reward of that cash-trade-sawabs goes to The third Kingdom, as we have no proof that it goes to the Hereafter.

We know only that 'sawabs' counts for dead parents if their kids feed poor in this world on their behalf. Or if they build a water-well so that thirsty people can drink. Or if they support needy in their necessities etc. But there are no religious records of trade-for-money sawabs whatsoever!

But I was thinking how it would be such a fun if we make a real deal and forget little money for little sawabs.... We should be able to buy "Hafiz" title from some professional Hafiz-ul-Qur'an, just with a name of the title holder changed :sign7: :sign7:

If they already sell reading of Qur'an, why they could not sell the memorization of it?! :idea:
Anyone interested to try buying it? :bom:
Maybe results would not be as expected!!

People are desperate. One bottle of air anyone? :blackeye:

"ZRAK IZ CENTRA PIRAMIDE U VISOKOM - lijeci sve bolesti, mamurluk i impotenciju"!

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