Is Killing Police Good For Iraq?

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Is killing police good for Iraq? Oct 17, 2006
If insurgents are constantly murdering Iraqi police, how can there ever be security in Iraqi towns and cities, especially if the coalition troops leave Iraq?

4,000 Iraqi Police killed and 8,000 wounded over the past 2 years ... 00470.html

It is also reported that some sectarian militia have also infiltrated the police force to carry out sectarian murders more easily. Hardly admirable either. :roll:

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Oct 18, 2006
I guess the american people are really making progress in iraq?

Did this issue not go through the think tank before the invasion of Iraq?
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Oct 18, 2006
Interesting statement, did this go through the think tank, I cannot comprehend how any normal person could ever dream that Iraqi would kill Iraqi as is now happening. What is the answer??
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Oct 18, 2006
sage and onions,

Actually the level of violence expected in Iraq did go through a "think tank" ['Future of Iraq Project'] but it was ignored by the current US adminstiration or it wasn't given priority, afterall it's Iraqis who are dying disproportionally not Americans. (War is a subject that is studied, lessons are supposed to be learned, but they hardly are...)


Iraqis killing Iraqis is obviously not going to solve anything. Though Al Qaeda thinks that by targeting these policemen, who are seen as conspirators, they will weaken the occupation. But the insurgency movement in Iraq is not the sole responsability of Al Qaeda. There are insurgents who are Sunni, who are secular, who do not believe in killing their own, Shia insurgents who are not allied to Al Qaeda and their beliefs. At the same time, the death squads can be Sunni groups or completely political and secular and are believed to be under the wing of certain sectors of the "democratically elected" government - the same puppet government installed by the US.

In any case, the invaders should leave if for any reason the most glaring one - it is not their country. They have not fixed anything, the story about caring about what might happen to Iraqis after the troop withdrawal is illogical when these invading armies have obviously not cared about nor fixed anything during all this time.
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Oct 18, 2006
is killing ever good?
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