Israel Is Founded On Sin

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May 28, 2006
I have nothing against Palastinian and i support them 100% in their war for liberation of their land...but we muslims need to stop ignoring other parts of the world that need our help more than Palastine right know...Example the natural disaster that has claimed 3000+ people in Indonesia, the femine, war, genocide that has claimed at least 50000+, and many other parts of the world were we muslims ignore fellow muslims who need our help more than the Palastinians. Palastine is important...but it has also become excuse for rich Arab leaders like the onese in Gulf to help other poor muslims who are in worse condition than the Palastinians..

For onese lets talk about how to help the earthquake victimese in Indonesia... close to million refugees chased out their homes in Darfur... How to help the poor people in to help femine stricken muslims in Chad and East Africa...

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May 28, 2006
mraph33 wrote:To try and simplify the Arab/Israel conflict to "the Jews stole from the Arabs" is as unjust as the Israeli checkpoints in the middle of the Jenin.

The rediculous thing about the video clip is that is shows a Jew quoting the bible as the souce of his question. This is in fact what the Jews use as their source to CLAIM the land. Wars have been fought, both people have kicked out at some point in history, people have been killed, different people/countries have controlled this land for the past few thousand years.

Today there is a reality there. Either both the Israelis and the Palestinians are there to stay or the other unpleasant option is that there will be no one there. Both people must be willing to recognize the other, their right to exist peacefully, to self-govenment, within fair borders - and be willing to compromise to achieve this goal.

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