Christians Forgive Church Attackers

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Christians forgive church attackers Jun 06, 2011
Interesting story. Church attacks in Pakistan are frequent and often carried out with impunity.

The article also says one of the attackers was the police chief's nephew, hence one of the reasons Christianophobic attacks are not punished:

A tense calm returned Thursday, June 2, to a Pakistani village in Pakistan's turbulent Punjab province after local Christians announced they had forgiven armed Muslims who attacked their church, mediators said.

Christians in the mainly Muslim village of Lakho Ki, outside Lahore city, were badly shaken when their Presbyterian church was attacked last Sunday, May 29, explained rights group Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan (SLMP), which mediated in the conflict.

Armed Muslims, who allegedly disrupted the worship service, were seen cursing the congregation, smashing a glass altar and damaging Bibles and a cross.

Three or four elderly Christians were slapped and beaten with bamboo sticks, although none required medical treatment, Christians said.

The SLMP said however that local Christians decided not to start legal action against suspects because Muslim community and religious leaders publicly apologized for the incident in front of the church.


In a statement, the group said, Christians wanted to show that "forgiveness was more powerful than revenge." ... -attackers

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Re: Christians Forgive Church Attackers Jun 06, 2011
May the forgivers themselves be forgiven
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