If And Only If - If US Will Start The War Against Iran -

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Jan 27, 2007
A US senator recently revealed the US blueprint to attack Iran and it involved widespread bombing of many military and civil targets.
This is lot less surgical than I would expect and is the worst case scenario.

I partly agree with Jamal in that "the best and only way i see america doing anything to iran ... is by sparking an eternal[sic] revoloutin like they did with the shah.. it probably wont work"
... except unlike a lot of people on the forum I don't blame America for everything.

A revolution is unlikely, but Iran is a democratic country, am I correct Jamal?, and the people have the power to vote for a more liberal governement.

The problem right now is that the US are throwing fuel on the fire and the idiot that is in power at the moment is gaining popularity.
The idiot in Iran that is, not the US.

Anyway, I be here will you when the sh*t hits the fan Jamal and we can charge US$3000 taxi fares to Muscat after the dubai airport gets bombed.

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Jan 28, 2007
It is a big concern and i am keeping on eye firmly on the balance.

I am quite sure the UAE would be the target (probably the first) as a counter attack to any US air strikes against Iran.

Ayatollah Ali Khameneh’i;

“The Americans must realize that in case of aggression against Iran, their interests would suffer anywhere possible in the world”, Ayatollah Khameneh’i threatened, speaking in a meeting with a group of workers."

http://www.iran-press-service.com/ips/a ... 6406.shtml

I personally would try to get out of here as soon as physically possible. I am not a citizen of the UAE. I don't hold a great deal of rights here - so there is no fight for me.

Having said that - i really do hope and pray this will not happen. I am so sick of war and hope for the day when we can act in manner to resolve situations in a mature manner.

Also Valkrie - I don't get you. You post about support of AQ and your hate for western imperialists - but you live and study in the USA? :roll:
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