I Wonder If I Am Blacklisted :(

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I wonder if I am blacklisted :( May 19, 2010
Hello all, I have a burning question that maybe someone here can answer.
From 2003 to 2005 I lived in Dubai with my ex-husband. He lost his job and couldn't find a new one so we had to move back to Europe. In the meantime, as suggested above, we are divorced and live in different countries, but something has happened back then which makes me wonder if I am allowed entry to the UAE again (and which kept me from applying for a tourist visa so far).
I was sponsored by my husband who worked for a huge company. He also signed me up to his bank account and I got a credit card.
Upon leaving the country, he went into overdraft on the account, hitting the max he was allowed (40.000 AED), to buy certain things he wanted to take along to Europe. I begged him to not do that, our visas ran out (as far as I know they were cancelled by his former employer, but I am not sure on that, more to this later), and how was he supposed to pay that back, especially since a new job wasn't certain back here.
He ignored my pleas, went ahead and bought what he desired, and told me he would start paying back as soon as he had a new job.
Which never happened, due to certain financial things in his home country I didn't know a single thing about until we started to live there (I don't want to comment this really).
So times passes and in 2007 he received a letter stating that that bank overdraft had been moved to a financial company in some European country and he is supposed to pay THEM back now (assuming they paid the bank in Dubai and now asking the money back from him).
Which never happened either.
The letter, I want to say, was only addressed to him. I wasn't mentioned anywhere.
What I wonder now is... can I, as his sponsored wife, get blacklisted in Dubai for the overdraft he made (and which was paid by his credit card, which the bank in question should easily be able to track back)? I never worked there during the two years, never had an own bank account or signed any contract, all I got was my own credit card (which I used carefully) and, as far as I remember, I got online banking access, which I never used though (and it was a pain to even get it, as they didn't understand why a sponsored wife should have her own online banking access to her husband's account).
I would love love love to go back and visit but I don't know if I can. And so, before I contact officials, I thought to ask here, maybe someone knows something about this kind of topic.
I would be really grateful.

Some more information:

I have no idea btw. what came out of that money company that contacted him in 2007.
I am also not sure whether our visas were cancelled properly for the time of leave, I think they were but I really don't know.
He applied for jobs in Dubai again once we lived in Europe as we really wanted to go back, but when he mentioned the bank overdraft, he didn't hear anything anymore.

Thanks, Kissani

P.S.: Please feel free to ask if anything is not clearly stated. English is not my mother tongue.

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