A Bank Has Blacklisted My Enterance Into Dubai

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A bank has blacklisted my enterance into dubai Feb 18, 2016
I had to leave Dubai in 2004...leaving behind a credit card balance of 5000 dir. But in India an agency came to my home address and i settled the payment. The case was released and closed in 2012. but there are only recipts of payment with me. Now iv come after 12 yrs to uae and they stopped me at the immigration that im blacklisted. The bank has released a letter that my dues are clear but i have not recieved this letter and neither has it been updated at the immigration that its clear. Kindly let me know how to proceed as im in the police station now.

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Re: A Bank Has Blacklisted My Enterance Into Dubai Jul 23, 2017

HolLywood ,

is your case solved, if not you can contact us.
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