Westernised Teenage Daughter Killed

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Westernised teenage daughter Killed Aug 04, 2012
A mother and father who killed their 'Westernised' teenage daughter because they believed she brought shame on the family were jailed for life today - nine years after the brutal killing.
The trial heard that they suffocated the teenager with a plastic bag at the family home in Uk
Before they were taken away to begin their life sentences, the judge asked them: 'What was it that brought you two, her parents, the people who had given her life, to the point of killing her?'

He continued: 'You chose to bring up your family in UK but although you lived in UK your social and cultural attitudes were those of rural third world and it was those which you imposed upon your children.
was a determined, able and ambitious girl who wanted to live a life which was normal in the country and in the town in which you had chosen to live and bring up your children.

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Manchester-based Ramadhan Foundation, said: Justice has finally been done. It's taken a long time for this case to be resolved we pay tribute to the police and the courts.

'The message goes out and be very clear: if you engage in honour killings, if you engage in forced marriages, you will be caught and brought to justice.'


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Re: Westernised Teenage Daughter Killed Aug 04, 2012
Bring back hanging.
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Re: Westernised Teenage Daughter Killed Aug 04, 2012
Good words from the judge. I'm glad there is finally justice for that poor girl.
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