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Useful Information & Websites Sep 24, 2006
INTERIOR MINISTRY (visas, residencies, and naturalization)

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Sep 24, 2006
The following 2 pages are what your Official UAE Labour Contract looks like - for obvious reasons I have removed all the detail :D


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Sep 24, 2006
dbxsoul wrote:The UAE is a Federation of Seven Emirates and is regulated by Federal Laws and statutes; each Emirate is able to implement the Law according to their own needs and requirements as long as they are able to adequately manage the system. To this end the Federal Labour Law is applied across the UAE, but with noticeable variations (mainly exceptions to the rule) in the Emirate of Dubai - for example the exceptions to the Labour Ban. This applies also to the variations regarding the implantation of the Law with Free Zones in the UAE.

As noted in one of the postings below there are different interpretations of the Labour Law in different Emirates. The information on this posting is specifically intended to people/ persons seeking employment in the Emirate of Dubai.

The Federal Labour Law and the Contract Document above specifically excludes (Under Article 3): all persons employed in State, Municipal or Public bodies, members of the Armed Forces, Police and Security Service as well as domestic servants and agricultural labourers.

The Official UAE Federal Labour Contract is in fact a “Boilerplate” document. It covers the basic/ essential information pertaining to the employment of an individual under the UAE Labour Law (Federal Law No. 8 of 1980).

This is a dual English/ Arabic document. As Arabic is the legally accepted language (not English) employees should always get someone who can read Arabic to ensure that the translation is accurate in both portions of the document especially if your remuneration is bonus or incentive based, if you can’t read Arabic, the placement of a decimal point can mean the difference to whether you receive the bonus you were expecting or merely pocket change!

“Arabic shall be the sole language to be used in all records, contracts, files, statements and other documents provided for in this law or in any resolution or regulation issued in implementation of its provisions. Arabic must also be used in instructions and circulars issued by the employer to his employees. However, in the event where a foreign language is used by the employer alongside Arabic, the Arabic text shall prevail.”

This is the official and only document recognized by the Labour Department. Other documents that a potential employee may encounter are and “Offer Letter” or “Offer of Employment” as well as an “Employment Contract”.

Offer Letters are just that, the offer of employment to a potential employee and normally cover the basics such as hours, leave dues, remuneration etc. By virtue of the fact that many expatriates are English speaking you can expect the Offer Letter to be presented to you for scrutiny in English. Offer letters are by no means contractually binding; the employee needs to perform “due diligence” and ensure that what is offered actually materialises on the Labour Contract when it is drafted.

From a Western perspective Employment Contracts issued by large companies and signed by both parties are legally binding documents; these can be contested in open court to the benefit of either party (employer or employee). A “Western” style employment contract is nothing more than a “gentlemen’s agreement” in this (UAE) context!

In the UAE a farmiliar "western style" employment contract is not accepted –unless the document is translated into Arabic and submitted along with the Federal Labour Contract – in which case it is noted as an appendix in the “Other” portion at the end of the contract document.

The Federal Labour Contract (and appendixes if any) is the only document legally accepted in the case of a dispute. As stated in the Contract (Point 6): one copy is held by the Department of Labour, the other two copies issued to the employer and the employee.

"Article 35
Subject to what is provided for in Article (2), the labour contract shall be made in two copies, one to be delivered to the employee and the other to the employer. If no written contract exists, all its conditions may be proved by all legal means of proof.”


Point 2.
Limited or Unlimited this is in effect the duration or period terms of the contract.

Limited contracts are those of a fixed term 1 year, 2 years, 36 months etc. - there are penalties should either party want to break the contract prior to it's conclusion. Essentially the maximum penalties by law are a 1 and a half months wage payable by the party breaking the contract. However if you break the contract don't expect to get an NOC from your employer if you are seeking a better position!

Unlimited or indefinite contracts are similar to "western" contracts where there is a period defined in the contract (normally 3 years which corrosponds with the validity period of a residency visa), the contract can then be re-newed after this period on the same terms as the pre-existing contract. Either party can give 30 days notice to terminate the contract.

Point 4.
Article 120 of the Federal Labour Law states:

"The employer may dismiss and employee without notice in any of the following cases:

A. If the employee assumes a fictitious personality or nationality or if he submits fake documents or certificates.
B. If the employee is appointed under probation and the termination happens during that period or at its end.
C. If the employee commits a mistake causing grave financial loss to the employer provided that he shall inform the labour Department of the incident within forty eight hours from being aware of its occurrence.
D. If the employee violates instructions regarding safety of the work or the place of work, provided that such instructions are in writing and are displayed at a prominent place and he must have been informed of them orally if he is illiterate.
E. If the employee fails to carry out his basic duties according to the employment contract and continues to do so in spite of being subjected to a written interrogation and a warning that his services will be terminated if he repeated the actions.
F. If he discloses a secret of the establishment where he works.
G. If he is conclusively convicted by the court of an offence involving honour, honesty or public morals.
H. If he is found to be obviously intoxicated or under the influence of drugs during working hours.
I. If he commits a physical assault on the employer or the manager in charge or one of his colleagues during working hours.
J. If the employee absents himself without a legitimate reason for more that twenty interrupted days or more than seven continuous days during a single year.”

In some of the above cases (such as assault) you can only be summarily terminated if the Police (and then the Labour Department) have been notified and a formal case opened against you. If no case no formal case is filed you cannot legally be terminated from your employment - they may however take internal action against you such as imposing a fine or deducting pay - but again the employer has to notify the Department of Labour of the incident so that it can be recorded on your file.

Article 88

“An employee shall not work for another employer during his annual or sick leave provided for in this chapter. If such action is proved by the employer, he shall have the right to terminate the services of the employee without notice and deprive him of his wages for the leave period”

Point 7
This is slightly misleading, as under Article 75 the law provides for only 24 days of leave in the first year and 30 days thereafter. Leave benefits can only be accrued after successful completion of the probation period.

Article 75
“For every year of service the employee shall be entitled to an annual leave which must not be less than the following periods:
1. Two days for every month if his service is more than six months and less than a year.
2. Thirty days annually if the employees’ service exceeds one year. In case of termination of his service, the employee shall be entitled to an annual leave for the fractions of the last year.”

Point 8 (c)
Basic salary - this is the amount on which your final gratuity payment will be based on. Over time you may receive increases in salary etc. employees need to make sure they receive written notification of this increase on a company letterhead, duly signed and stamped with the company stamp. In theory a copy of this document is supposed to be sent to the Department of Labour and your contract amended accordingly. In practice however this very seldom occurs - hence the necessity to keep copies of all supporting documentation.


Most official company documents bare the companies stamp/ seal on them to be valid – this applies to everything in Dubai whether is a No Objection Certificate, letter of reference, salary certificate or your Labour Contract. It seems almost paradoxical that so much weight and faith is placed in a small rubber stamp that could be copied in most printing shops in Karama!

Documents also have to have the sponsor’s signature on them (or a General Manager in the case of some documents). Legal documents such as a Labour contact or Tenancy agreement have to have the Local sponsor’s signature on them as even though a company may be a partnership between a UAE National and a foreigner the local normally has the legal authority – not the foreigner.

<work in progress - more notes to follow>
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Sep 24, 2006

Thanks to GABS for this information:

Electricity/water or DEWA bills are probably around the AED1500 average, for a villa. Increases in Summer and decreases in Winter.

Rental around AED 120 000 to 150 000 for a villa per annum-based on three bedroom. Four bedroom add another AED30 000 to 50 000.

Cable-full selection of TV stations around the 250 to 300 AED per month.

Cars, inexpensive, check classifieds and also look up accommodation in here. Petrol is inexpensive.

All packages should include medical-dental is often not included.

Living standard is high-you can get anything. Great place for kids and safe in MHO. I have three kids. Standard of education is good-excellent and medical/dental is also good- excellent.

Other costs


If you are interested in the COL here in Dubai here are a few indicators from my shopping list:
1 litre milk DH5
1 loaf white bread DH3 to DH7
2 litre juice DH10
24 cheese slice DH10.50
1 litre of cream DH 12
Australian Lamb chops DH 28 per kg
Australia beef mince DH 18 per kg
Chicken breast fillets DH26 to DH30 per kg
Australian Rib eye steak DH 32 per kg
2 litre tub Baskin Robbins icecream DH30
1.2 kg fresh whole chicken around DH15
30 fresh eggs DH12
watermelon Dh2.90 per kg
bananas Dh3 per kg
carrots Dh3 per kg
apples around Dh4
ya/ nashi pears Dh2 to DH3 per kg
Potatoes DH1.75 kg
Eggplant DH2.25 kg
Pasta Sauce Dh10 per 750g jar
Dried pasta DH 2.15 (500g bag)
Tomatoes DH2.25 kg
Pawpaw/papaya DH5.95kg
Strawberries DH 5.50 250g punnet
Bananas DH 2.95
Arabic bread large Dh 2 small Dh 1
Croissants box of 6 Dh8
Cheese DH8 per 250g block
Sausages DH28 per kg
5kg short grain white rice DH11

Fish seems to be cheap and around the DH30 per kg up but Hammour is especially nice and considered to be a "local" fish. Overall fruit and veg varies in price according to the season and also according to it's origin.

Eating out
Local bakeries and small restaurants without alcohol are cheap as are fast food places like KFC, Hardees, McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut which all deliver. If you eat at Hotels some have buffets plus all you can drink ( INCLUDING alcohol) for LESS than DH150 per person and these are really nice places.

MacDonald's cost of living index
Value meal (drink, chips, burger) DH14
Kid's meal DH10

Get hold of a Dubai Explorer, The Connector free book and What's On and Time Out magazines.

Cards that give me something

Wafi City advantage card
Air miles card
McGrudy's card
Privelege Card (centrepoint etc)


Book stores have an Entertainer books full of coupons for restaurants, eateries and activities ie Ski Dubai, Arabian nights tours in Dubai-they have a 3 book offer out at the moment-I think the last one is for spas and stuff-loads of two for one offers.


horse riding
kite surfing
dune bashing
diving( , , , , etc)
(Jebel Ali Shooting Club 8836555, and Ras Al Khaimah Shooting Club, 07 2363622, and Hatta Fort Hotel 8523211,

Hire of small car around DH1300 to DH1800 per month
Petrol around DH6.50 per gallon

Your DEWA bill will shock you. Families expect bills over DH1300 per month.
Electricity is 220-240V, plugs are three prong square.


Also things to do:

Do the shopping bit-the malls are a treat for the eyes esp. little kids- Mall of the Emirates has magic planet and ski Dubai, Ibn Battuta is a visual beauty, leave the kids in Wafi City playing games, roller blading etc while you shop and then go to Wafi Gourmet for the best ice cream and something to eat,visit an Oud shop and check it out. The race course (horses) is just amazing to see (two tracks and a golf course ), dune bashing, go to the pictures, go for a dinner cruise on a dhow, take an abra along the creek, go to Wild Wadi, walk around the souks -the gold souq is dazzling, have threading on your eyebrows (ouch!! ), do the spa bit, have a manicure and pedicure get henna done on your hands, walk around the Madinat Jumeirah and eat alfresco, try shisha, walk around Satwa, go to Karama for bargains, go to Dragonmart for more bargains, go ice skating (Al Nasir leisureland or I heard the Hyatt is good plus you can do a decadent chocolate buffet after!!), hot airballooning, take the Big Bus tour or the Wonder Bus- duck that does the land and creek tour leaving from the Burjuman, creekside park has a cable car, do a Mosque tour, go to the Dubai Zoo-walking distance from the Mercato shopping mall-some people criticise this place but the animals are well cared for and the gorilla and its mate are awesome, visit heritage sites like the Bastakiya, Heritage and Diving Village etc(, stuff your own bear at the bear factory and dress him/her in traditional dress and take a camel ride on the beach.
At the beach you can swim, kite surf, snorkel, build a sand castle have a bbq/picnic, go on a quad bike, jet ski, go to Jumeirah Beach which gives the Burj as a backdrop.
You can learn Arabic, get lost in your car driving, go to a different Emirate (sometimes unintentionally), go to a Wadi, go karting, sky dive, hot air ballooning, play snooker, go sand boarding, sailing (Dubai Offshore Sailing Club tel: 04-3941669,Fun Sports tel 04-3995976, Jebel Ali Sailing Club 04-3995444), shooting(Jebel Ali Shooting Club 8836555, and Ras Al Khaimah Shooting Club, 07 2363622, and Hatta Fort Hotel 8523211,, roller blade at the park, go for a picnic/bbq at the park, try a shawarma, go to Al Reef and have the best cheese bread eva,go paintballing, take a helicopter or plane tour, join a motor cross/motorcycle club, go diving (Al Boom Diving - Aqua Centre P.O. Box 30439 Dubai, tel: (971) 4 3422993 Fax: (971) 4 3422995 email:, play golf, go fishing, take a dhow charter, visit a museum, go to Children's city, go clubbing and pubbing, go to an art gallery, watch cable and read Dubai Forums.
Try ... st-att.asp.
Buy Time Out and What's on in Dubai magazines and a Dubai Explorer.
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Sep 24, 2006

UAE Cost of Living Spreadsheet ... iving.html

Salary Components

Recruitment Agencies Spreadsheet ... ncies.html

UAE Rental Range Spreadsheet

Maps of Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Excellent practical in-depth Sample Survery and looks a recent one.
Download the Excel files and see the cost of living stuff/ Agencies/

Excellent Job, keep it up
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Feb 12, 2007
the official Dubai Government portal. i found a lot of infos there
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Very helpful Mar 21, 2007
hello everyone,

This is probably one of the most useful sections I have found so far. Thank you for taking the time and sharing this info!
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Salary: Benifits Ratio Mar 27, 2007
Very good forum guys, thanks for all the help you offer to people like me trying to make the decision to pack up and head to the UAE. Also, I've found very useful.

I do however have a question. On GrapeShisha they state (in the section detailing the components of salary) "The percentage split between the fixed cash elements of basic salary and allowances is usually around 60 to 40" - I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on this? Is this ratio about right? Does it apply only in certain salary brackets? Would it be applicable in the 15,000 - 20,000 per month bracket?

I would really appreciate any insights into this.


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Sep 28, 2007
This is a wicked site that has a lot of info.
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excellent sites Oct 08, 2007
there is one more to add here for touring in Dubai

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thanx to this forum Mar 16, 2008
thanx to this forum for the gr8 job that moderators and other members r doing by spreading awareness regarding impt issues
this labour contract is very essential for all the employees...i myself will join some company and will have to deal with company issues related to salary and benefits...
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Oct 02, 2008
here's my good deed for the day - as a thankyou to the kind people who helped me on this forum and ** coughs "" the other one ** coughs **!

it's a summary of (mostly) other people's posts, regrouped to make it a bit easier for you...i will add more to this when i can...

School fees for primary/elementary school will cost you a minimum of 30,000 dhs per child ( older children about 50- 60,000 dhs a year) - not including uniforms, extra curricular activities or transport.
Schools here also have long wait lists, so best to put your childrens names down at many schools ( there will be a registration fee too). You may not also get them all in at the same school...

BSME: British Schools in the Middle East

Welcome to DubaiKidz.Biz

Schools and Universities in Dubai
UAE schools

Jebel Ali Nursery at Polo Club (AR) is approx 5,000 dhs a term for 2 mornings, and 8,000 for 5 days (8am-12)
Kids Island in Umm Sequeim 6,900 a term (5 days), or 4,900 a term ( 2 days)
Super Kids- Mirdiff - 6,000 a term (full time)
Childrens Oasis 5,000 dhs PER MONTH ( for 5 days, 8 - 5pm)

Residency Visa
This is supplied by your employer, once you arrive the application for residency visa starts. You will need to have a blood test and in some cases a chest xray. This is organised by your Company. If you are a British Passport Holder you can stay in the UAE for 60 days without a visa, you can also exit and re-enter on two occasions before completing your residency visa.

In most cases you will need your residency visa to enable you to rent accomodation. Some however will take a letter from your Company confirming that they are infact going through the process of applying for your visa. Some banks will allow you to open an account without your visa but I am not 100% sure which ones. You WILL need a visa to obtain any credit and also to buy and register a vehicle.

Accomodation - Rental
Expensive! ensure that you get a big enough housing allowance to cover your rent. Rents for one bed apartments are starting in the region of 90k up to 120k and 120k to 150k for a two depending on the area where you choose to live.

If you plan to rent for a limited period, just try to get somewhere relatively central, although much will depend on the availablilty of aprtments for rental periods of less than one year. There is bound to be plenty of apartments to rent in JBR.

Villas - 3 bed - 180 - 200K
4 bed - 220 upwards

The main European areas are the developments that have been built buy Emaar - The Springs, The Meadows, The Lakes, The Ranches, The Greens. There are however europeans living all over Dubai so don't isolate yourself to just one area. The best way to chose where to live is to live as close to your place of work as possible.

Rent is usually paid up front in advance 1 or 2 cheques to cover the year. Employers often help with loans for this.

Accomodation – Buying
I strongly recommend that you get to know Dubai a little before buying. I would also urge caution regarding which developer you buy from. Some have very poor reputations regarding build quality.

Buying in the UAE is different elsewhere, so do some home work. Elphaba can help with mortgages.

Accomodation – cohabitation
Is illegal. Breaking the law in UAE is not to be taken lightly, and there is some noise about a government clampdown on villa shares.

However, many people do still choose to share.

Driving is horrendous - no other word to describe the standard of driving out here. Think: Congestion, aggression and accidents. However, car prices are reasonable and petrol is 20% of EU prices, and there are few easy alternatives. To get an idea of 2nd hand prices pre-arrival checkout and look in the gulf news classifieds.

If you want to drive immediately, get a lease car, but obtain an International Driving Permit from your home country. That way you haven't got to worry about taking the time to get a Dubai licence during your first couple of weeks.

Driving is dangerous so you need to take some time to get used to the roads - always start on a Friday morning when quiet. Don't bother when visiting though as you'll spend too much time getting lost!

Car rental

Usual international agencies serve Dubai. Cheaper deals from local companies.

Driving License
When going to get your drivers license you'll need photocopies of your passport with the photo page and then one with the visa in it and drivers license front and back. On the application form for your license you will have to have your company stamp on it at the bottom of the page in the narrow box and signed by the HR person. 110 AED to pay. I recommend going to the RTA headquarters in Dubai City behind Terminal 2. The line moves quickly in the morning and they are organized well there. You will also need a drivers certificate from a vision center locally and the vision test/check cost 25 AED.

Due to complete mid 2009 and serve Dubai.

Domestic help
Minimum monthly salary which you are required to pay by law varies from nationality to nationality. Phillipina maids have the highest minimum salary of around 1500 Dirhams a month if she lives with you. I think Sri Lankan maids have a minimum of around 800 Dirhams (if your conscience permits this!). 1500 to 1800 a month seems to be about average, with every Friday off. If baby sitting is required in the evenings, this is usually paid for on top of their monthly salary.

Most people…who have maids do a routine something like this: They get up around 6 to help with school lunches etc and work until 12 doing housework/ironing/whatever. They have a longer break during the day and come back on when kids are home from school (4pm??) and help with dinner, dishes etc and then knock off.

1500Dirhams is considered a fair wage. Sadly, some are on a lot less.


If we bring all our clobber we fill a 20 footer. We are looking into the cost/benefit of shedding some stuff and buying in dubai. will share the conclusion of our work when we know it.

on the what to bring / not to bring issue, advice received so far can be summed up as follows:

1. Beds: not hugely cheap to buy 2nd hand. good to bring.
2. White goods: Many kitchens are small, so american fridge freezer may not be a good idea. With the exception of some furnished flats, dishwashers and washing machines are not normally provided, so bring your existing one if you have container space.
3. Satnav - need to pay for mapping, and constantly out of date. Don't bother.
4. Car - probably not worth it for those coming form rhd countries. For those coming from LHDrive zones, may be worthwhile, but beware of vehicles that are under specced (aircon etc) for the extreme heat. Gulf vehicles are different.
5. Bicycles, Childrens swings, slides etc. Bring if you have space in your container. Cycling for kids seems popular on the large estates and in the parks.
6. Food - most stuff is available, we plan on bringing a small supply of very specific uk fare which will cost more in dubai.
7. Garden furniture: bring - space permitting
8. TV's: cheap to buy in dubai, but not worth selling at a huge loss if you have space.
9. Clothing: light jackets and sweaters for winter and malls.
10. Pets: will be ok for 8 months of the year. Bear in mind they will need to be kept indoors most of June-Sep though. (Summing up what I have read - is this fair?)
11. Electrical goods: Voltage is 220/240v. Plugs are UK style 3 pin.
11. Wife and family. Bring, but be prepared to ship home over summer months

on cost, from UK: £3.5k for full 20ft container (they will pack for you - self pack no offered). £2k for half.
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Oct 02, 2008
Social Life
If you want to know what's going on, get a copy of Time Out.

Paperwork and aministration
For information on how to get things done/deal with government departements/legal issues/etc, buy yourself a copy of Dubai Explorer - available from Amazon.

Get various documents notarised before you move to the UAE - marriage certificate, education certificates. Many employers will do this for you.

Brings 30 + passport photos on a white background. You’ll need them.

Life for women
Dubai is safe for women, so long as you take the same precautions you would any where else in the world.
Women can work here quite comfortably.

You can get stared at though – especially on public beaches.

Indian furniture stores have cheap stuff, all new.
You can have curtains made, for $50-$100 dollars per pair – more depending on material

Most international banks are present, service levels are patchy – even with a given bank!
Forex companies offer better rates for transfers of GBP 10,000 (or equivalent) or over.
It is worth getting your bank to confirm the timescales when opening an account, as it can drag on for weeks.
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Oct 02, 2008
UK taxes & non resident status

You do not become automatically non-resident for tax purposes just be going abroad. You need be so for 4 years for partial years to be exempt from UK tax. You need to be overseas for even longer to be exempt from CGT.

If you are resident outside the UK for a full tax year and so not return to the UK for more than 89 days you will be exempt from UK income tax in that year. Partial years are a different matter and it then depends on how long you are overseas in total. A return part way thorugh a tax year if you have not been non-resident for an extended period will lead to a full UK tax liability in that year.

If you plan to be UK non-resident for less than 4 years you will have UK tax liabilities for the remainder of this tax year (2008/09) and for the year in which you return. You will also have to pay tax on monies that you take into the UK, subject to your personal allowances and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) allowances.

Before leaving the UK you should complete HMRC form P85 and sent it to your tax office to register to be non-resident for tax purposes.

If you are leaving part way through the tax year, the most you will get back are taxes that you have paid on your annual allowance. The rest, the taxman will keep! You only get most of it back if you are leaving the UK permanently and do not intend to come back for at least 4 years or more. In that case, you will be asked to provide proof that you have indeed left and do not intend to come back!

If you are UK resident and have money in an offshore account, HMRC have fought and won a case that the interest gained on that account IS taxable and must be declared annually. Many former ex-pats kept an offshore account open thinking that the interest did not have to be declared. This is part of a large scale investigation by HMRC which is ongoing and was expected to raise billions by applying any tax due for up to 6 years previous and applying penalties of up to 100% of the unpaid tax.

This is not an issue for anyone who is still non-resident, but shows the need for some tax-planning upon return.

As for withdrawing some money from an offshore account while here on holiday/ short visit etc, there is need for worry only if and when you become UK resident.

Once you move back in the UK, you will start paying taxes on everything in your account, as interest paid is calculated based on the balance in your account. Taxes will not be backdated but if you fail to declare that you are now resident and the HMRC were to find out, you will be prosecuted. As has already been said, the HMRC is cracking down hard on people trying to evade taxes and those caught are being prosecuted and made to pay back taxes owed which in this case would be backdated!

Once you move back to the UK and start paying taxes again on your salary, then it would be obvious to all that you are back in the UK and have a liability for UK taxes. From that point, it will only be a matter of time before they find your little stash of cash and start taxing you. The minute you change your address at the bank, they will inform HMRC in any case!!!

The HMRC website will provide you with all the info you need: HM Revenue & Customs: Non Residents

You can still transfer money into your account back home, without acquiring any tax liability if you fill in the relevant form. Even then, taxes will only be paid on the interest rather than the balance and you can still claim back any taxes that you have paid at the end of the tax year (see above link for the form). Offshore accounts are great for savings, so unless you are planning to save a large amount of money, then there is no need to set up a new offshore account.
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Oct 06, 2008
Dependents visa process:
1. You enter the country on a visit visa and your husband on employment visa.
2. Your husbands residency is processed. (up to 4-6 weeks)
3. After residence is approved, the labor card needs to be applied for
4. Once the labor card is received (normally 3 weeks) your husband will apply for a dependent visa
5. In country stamping of your dependent visa
6. Your medical and residence.

Be ready for a visa change or the company PRO can get the visit visa extended.

NB: Your marraige certificate (and kids brith certs) need attestatation by the UAE embassy in your country of residence, before departure!
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Nov 17, 2008
XRW-147 wrote:The following 2 pages are what your Official UAE Labour Contract looks like - for obvious reasons I have removed all the detail :D



have you or any one else translated the Arabic part of the contract?

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Nov 25, 2008
Cool Resources for Expats living abroad
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Mar 26, 2009
Lots of good info here. Thanks will ingest at leisure...
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Nov 05, 2009
do check out the Dubai city information site, one of the few if not the only websites from a first hand perspective. it is not a commercial site that is meant to sell. it is a site put together from first hand experiences only!
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Re: Useful Information & Websites Jul 06, 2014 is a non government website that writes honestly about dubai. Take a look! I use it for my travels. They need a booking engine, but besides that the information is great!
They also have maps so that's helpful :)
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Re: Useful Information & Websites Sep 29, 2014
Excellent information people. Found it very useful...Thanks!
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Re: Useful Information & Websites Sep 07, 2015
Thank you so much for sharing such a informative post with me.
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Re: Useful Information & Websites Sep 27, 2015 is a great website! You can find restaurants, clinics, hospitals and any other companies in businesses in the UAE! There are also job listings, autos, properties and you can buy or sell brand new or second hand items on their classifieds section! Isn't it amazing that they have all these in just one website?
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Re: Useful Information & Websites Dec 08, 2015
Thanks for sharing this guys.
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