Problem In Opening New Bank A/C...(Stupid One)

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Problem in Opening new Bank A/C...(Stupid one) Aug 31, 2011
Hi friends,

I recently moved to Dubai and found a job with a good well established private company. I am Chartered Accountant by profession.

As usual i wanted to open a bank a/c for salary purpose and i visited Emirates NBD branch near my house in Sharjah. I submitted the required documents and everything on 20th Aug 2011.

After a week when i followed up i was told that there has been some objection on my application. I visited the branch and i was told that my information matches 75% with something or someone whose blacklisted on something called WORLD CHECK. So the head office has put an objection and the branch will receive the documents from the head office. They will only know what or why this objection is placed once they receive my documents and the report showing details. The person in the bank showed me an objection report of some other applicant as sample.

Based on what it is, i might need to get an NOC from Dubai police or some other solution. Now i am waiting for my documents to be received at the branch may be next week.

Am a little tensed as to what is this issue. I am 25 now and this is my first EMPLOYMENT, RESIDENT visa and Bank A/C in the gulf region itself. Neither i have any problems in home country. I lived in UAE earlier on student visa and left after completing high school when i was 18 years. So basically i am a clean person. i drew my first salary as cash check.

Tried to google this issue but seems like no one has faced this problem or posted about this anywhere on net.

So if anyone here has ever faced this problem, please let me know. Its something out of the blue and making me restless. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:



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