Key Money & Bank Account Opening Fee??

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key money & bank account opening fee?? Jun 07, 2006

Been talking to agent freezonesuae who claims I must pay these fees in conjuntion with leasing and opening an office?

Has someone on the forum had the same experience?

Is this key money non-refundable? mandatory?


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Jun 07, 2006
emmet wrote:Is this key money non-refundable? mandatory?

My understanding of the term "key money" is that it's non-refundable.

Mandatory? Well, in your other topic I said I thought it was illegal. Did you start a new topic because you didn't like that answer :shock: ?

I would have some concerns dealing with an agent who is telling me I need to pay key money. Office accommodation is scarce though so maybe that's the way it is. Someone who is more involved with renting offices will be in a better position to answer that than me.

If you're looking at a free zone, go to the free zone offices and get correct information from them.

There's a few others - airport, media city, knowledge village. Also in other emirates. and (spelling is correct) probably have useful information too.
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