Guest Rules Part 1 + Part 2

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Guest rules part 1 + part 2 17 days ago
May Allah s.w.t. protect us from fake friends. Allahumma amin!

* Sell your gold if you need quick money before you ask me to give you my children’s money.
* Do not plan visit and stay with your husband. I do not want to wear hijab in my own home and I have no husband to entertain him.
* Do not change AC in my car while I am driving. I am allergic to cold and do not want to drive under “allergy-influence”. If you feel hot - do not come to visit during the summer.
* Do not come to Abu Dhabi Airport as I do not bring guest from there anymore.
* Do not mentally measure my living room stating that a bus load of passengers can remain there and sleep on the floor.
* Do not offer me any business with you. Specially not to send me tourists.
* Do not come with family members more than can fit into one bedroom. I will offer additional air madrasses just to keep my own bedroom for myself.
* If by any chance I have to give you my own bedroom do not open cupboards and do not look into my personal stuff. Leave alone my documents.
* Do not share pictures of my home with your friends.
* If you do not like my food and I offer to order from a restaurant on my expense, do not order three meals as probably non-spicy food will somehow still be spicy to you.
* Do not laugh at my home, my look, my clothes, my food or anything. As your lifestyle is not universal and you are not a standard of my life choices.
* Do not check every corner of my home when I am out. I cleaned it before you came, so do not hope to find something to talk about. Yes, I cleaned inside of the garbage bin, under the trash bag!
* Do not propose my kids for your relatives and friends.
* Do not try to pay me your stay and tours around Emirates as that is priceless. Offering me money for something that I concidered a time with friends will kill our friendship at spot.
* If you have money to pay your stay and tours then book a hotel. Spare me your farewell; "clean bill - long love”, as with that you cheated on me for a whole week or two. I invested my feelings, energy, time and all resources.
* If I was never in your home and never shared a meal with you, probably we are not old friends close enough for you to invite yourself.
* If you give me a gift do not think that you bought me with that, or “enslaved” or that I will have to repay you back! 
Gift that I did not ask for I concider as a love offered. When i can offer you a gift accept it, do not return. But If I can not give you any gift than be satisfied with MAY GOD REWARD YOU prayer. I am not obligated in any way to be under your comand and meet all your extravagant expectations just because you gave me a gift.
* Any gift, help, visit, message, email…I concider as a love offered and I will try to return it multiplied. If you concider any of those as a manipulation tool you are with the wrong person. I read people as a preschool book.
* I probably already know that you are not my true friend, that you consider me only as Dubai based contact. No need to pretend. Make it easier for all of us.


* Do not tell me that you would be millionaire if you lived 15 years here, while you needed somebody to escort you to Dubai . As I can see you behaving you would probably be in a jail in Dubai!
* Do not tell me to throw my cats out. We do not treat our pets here as you treat your kids there. My cats are dearest beings to me just after my kids. And this is their home, you are just a guest.
* Do not divide my home intwo two areas planning to bring your kids and live here on my expenses. I already kicked out a person with such ideas and intentions.
* If you are a company owner and promised a Honeymoon in Dubai to your newly-wed worker, do not try to send them to stay in my home. I have kids!! Honeymoon is for a reason placed far away from civilized people. Islands.
* Do not expect me to be ready for guest whenever you find it conviniet. I have no problem to say no, as I have my priorities or situations.
* If you stayed with me for a month and you did not want to go out because it was too hot and ‘the sea was not deep enough’ (shallow beach) then do not expect me to invite you again. You can as well sit at your home on your couch and we could talk online.
* Do not let me buy for you food and drinks while you spend your money on expensive parfumes, telling me that I have no taste as my parfume is cheap Lilac. It is my favourite regardless of price. Pure Lilac oil is even the best.
* If you drink only sparkling water in your country please tell me that in advance. And also if you drink only natural non-sparkling water and you come from the same country from where all previous guests drank only sparkling water, please tell me.
* At your home you offered me meat and then in my home you telling me that you are not a meat eater? WTF! Please for God’s sake stop expecting me to cook for you vegan-vegetarian food as I am not a (good) cook. If you have special diet make yourself at home and cook for yourself. I will give you ingridients. Meat is my main spice, if you know what I mean.
* Do not message me just to tell me that you feel cold while I am always enjoying hot weather. Move here as well, you are not a tree. Choose to find a job and move to always warm place. I do not feel guilty for enjoying warmth while you are cold and want to be in my place. That way you will never invite yourself to be my guest with your husband and kids. 

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