Why Do Mothers Need Sons At Home?

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Why do mothers need sons at home? Jun 17, 2019
I want to share few words on this topic. Maybe some people will find an answer in it for their own life. Specially those males who want marry women with children.

As divorced woman with two kids I married single guy. We got a son after year and a half and then we divorced as he didn't need me anymore. I guess my purpose was to deliver a son and I did it LOL

Now my kids from first marriage are grown and need to go to University.
I want them to study near home. In meanwhile their real father died (6 years ago) so they have nowhere else to go. No home besides my home.

But my ex husband is pushing them to leave the country, to go study somewhere else, anywhere else... He kind wants to get rid of them. Saying it is shame that adult children stay with mother at home.

I need my big son to stay at home for few more years as he is the only male figure in home for my little son. He teaches him Arabic, helps him do homework, take him to masjid for each daily prayer, to jumua once weekly, to Eid prayer, talks to him at night long talks and laughs before sleeping. I can hear them from other room...

And where is father? Busy with life. Traveling around the world, rather spending time with friends then with his own son. And then suddenly gets an idea that his son will be more situated if he has no siblings at home to share meals and money.

As single mother I am so happy to have oldest son to be male figure for youngest and teach him social life, protect him from bullies, take him to school etc.

That are mother's reasons. And what are reasons for single guys to marry women with children?

Well, that's expensive hobby guys! Think before you do, and if you can't stand children of other man then don't marry a woman with children. Simple as that!

But still "I will care about your children as of my own" - melts mother's heart the most. Don't play on that card. Don't even try. If that is a way to get a woman of your dreams and play with her...then you will pay at the end. At least in UAE. Here law protects women and children.

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