Plan A Vs. Plan B

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Plan A vs. Plan B 31 days ago
Some people go trough life carrying plans B with them all the time.
They enter relationship trying out and if that doesn't work they go to plan B relationship that they had in mind.
They do one job but first hardship they face they go for another...

They live safely. Always having some backup plans to save themselves from looking bad.

Such people are trying hard to persuade me and my kids to make plans B, C, D...

Well, we live differently. We just have plan A all the time and work hard to achieve it. If that doesn't work we make another plan A and work hard and with passion for it as well.

I think that in life we have to be decided; not spare blood and sweat, muscles or emotions, words or love...

People tell me that I overdo in everything. I don't think so. I just do my best in everything I can. They call it extreme, I call it passion. They argue how can I have passion for some period of time for something, and then other period of time for something else. It is simple. I just have passion for what I decide to do. I am decided to do anything the best I can.

Planing Plans B can lead to weakness, indecision, giving up, "just trying", cheating, betrayal....

Why not to be decided, passionate, open, hard working, true, supportive, loyal, communicative etc.?

P.S. All readers on this forum; why don't you decide to talk, to share opinions to reply. Thank you :)

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