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Mothers survivors Mar 21, 2018
When you are growing without parents you learn to cope. You know that you will survive without them and that you can go through life on your own.
At some point of life it stops to hurt you that you have no parents to protect you, nobody to love you, to fulfil your needs. You just take it as it is and find strength somewhere else. You find God The Protector, The One Who feeds you and helps you in every situation.
But when you grow up it gets tough. You know that there would never be parents on your wedding, so you never make a proper one. Just simple exchange of vows somewhere at municipality office. You always expect less from people in life, as if you don’t deserve it.
And then real hardships come when you get your own children.
Now all pain comes back from childhood, multiplied by number of your kids.
As you didn’t have parents now your children does not have grandparents or any close family to give them extra love. You have to find a way to rise your family on your own and deal with being different then other families.
How can you explain to children that you will never have some summer trip to grandparents and stay for a month or so. As you didn’t have a home to go for holidays from your school room, so your children does not have any place to visit on yearly basis.
But you always have a choice. You can make your kids think that they are special. That they are born to be leaders and not to be like other families, they should be proud to stand alone, to work harder, to put more effort, to double activities during summer holidays, to read more…
You can teach them that your being alone in the world is sign of leadership, that you and them should never follow the crowd, and that you should lead always. Yourself and others. Be there for everybody to help, to lead, to show the way, but never lower your standards just to be a part of some group or to look like them.
Be confident in what you really are, and make people think that what you wear is the way they all should wear. Be confident. Show the world that you expect it to follow you, and that you in no way mean to follow a crowd. You don’t need to belong, you are able to stand alone and succeed.
You teach them that God will always help them thru life, they can rely on Him at any time, as He will never fail to help.
Doesn’t matter that your kids will not have gifts from family or anything, it is important to tell them that they can get in their lives whatever they work hard for. Teach them to read a lot, as in books they will find people just like them. People who always win as they are good, as they wish to others better then to themselves. Life is hard, but we are tough people. Happy mothers day.

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