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Business Loan & Personal Loan (Apply Now Fast And Easy) Apr 28, 2014
Do you need a Loan?
Are you looking for Finance?
Are you looking for a Loan to enlarge your business?
I think you have come to the right place.
We offer Loans at low interest rate.
Interested people should please contact us on
For immediate response to your application, Kindly
reply to this emails below only.

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undefined Nov 15, 2014
Dear sir & madam,

How are you today .I am looking for personal loan, For THE Business. I want to start new business setup. But I don't have money. I need money only AED 50,000 . Because I make the new license, now I don't have money. that's where I asking for personal loan. Please sir help me. I proms you After 6 months I retain your money. Please sir I need Urgent .



--- Nov 15, 2014 ---

abumere ,

abumere ,
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Re: Business Loan & Personal Loan (Apply Now Fast And Easy) Mar 13, 2015
You can opt for ADCB's corporate banking service for your financial need. They offers a wide range of innovative, customized and need-based financing solutions for SME and UAE-based Top Tier Corporates. I would recommend visiting the bank's website for more details.
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