Non Continuance With A Limited Contract

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Non Continuance with a Limited Contract May 26, 2013
Hi, Good Day to everyone. Can anybody advise me what to be done, this is the case:

I am working with my current employer for 7 years now (my 1st job in Dubai) under limited contract, My contract will expire on October 2013 but my visa and labour card will expire on June 2014. I am planning to discontinue to work with my current employer for a better work opportunity and submit a letter of non continuance to them 1 week before my contract expires.

1. Is it allowed or legal under Dubai Labour law on what I am planning to do?
2. Will I get a ban for it?
3. Why is it the expiration of my Contract is different from the expiration of my Visa & what is stated
in my labour card.
4. Most important thing, will I get my gratuity pay?
5. Is there any implications or problems therein when doing what i am planning to do?

Hope somebody could help me on this, thanks in advance.

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