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Help regarding Completed Limited Contract May 11, 2009
I have completed my 3 years limited contract, given them one month notice which they have approved; and was asked to wait for my entitlements such as severance pay, gratuity, ticket as well as my cancellation which they had promised to give immediately as I need to go back home. They had requested me to stop working 8 days before the final date of expiration of my labour contract, which i obeyed for it was documented as they handed me a letter.

i waited and made several followup but they would not answer my calls or would not reply in my sms, only twice they had replied by sms just to tell me to wait and wait again for more weeks as they are pretending they dont have money. 16 days passed and still no clear response from them which is why i decided to seek advise from the Labour Ministry.

now i approached the MOL to complain and had sent them the letter. they did not show up on the 1st appointment as well as on the 2nd. It is now 24 days of waiting and going to the labour office.

MOL had asked for the location map of the office. but the problem is the company had temporarily closed the office and transferred to a different location which i also given them but i also learned that they temporarily moved the office equipments out from that location and advised the remaining staff not to go to work as they will close for the meantime due to some problems. probably to escape from the complaints.

the MOL told me to wait for one more week again when they got hold of the trading license of the company as well the sketch/loc map... i am wondering what would be the next to happen. my residence visa is expiring in 3 days and have no job offers yet. looking for a part time job is an option which i am currently doing but it is very hard to get one.

i am wondering how long it will take for this to finish. If in case it will be transferred to Dubai Court, how many hearings and also how long it will take until I get my settlement, ticket and cancellation so I can go back to my home country? Will they pursue the company or the person responsible even if he wont entertain calls or he succeeded in hiding? I am just so worried...

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