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Need Advice on Visa Cancellation Nov 08, 2013
First of all guys .... I am pretty new to UAE and I am facing certain issues... So please advice me on what I need to do.

I have been working in a LLC company since Feb 2013 on 1st september When I told my boss I wanted to resign due to some work issues i was asked by the owner to put in a resignation letter with three months notice stating that I would quit work in November and I did so...

The very next day I get a letter from office saying that they have accepted my resignation letter with immediate effect and that they are going to cancel my visa and they took my passport to cancel my visa... Now its been more than two months and they have not cancelled my visa and I am not being paid and I am stuck... I have been calling the owner each time he said he was cancelling that week but he has been delaying it...

This week he asks me to withdraw the WPS for these two months and hand it back to him else he would not cancel my visa. He has my passport and labour card.

Guys please advice on what can be done I have no clue as to what my rights are and what my boss is doing is lawful.

Best Regards

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Re: Need Advice On Visa Cancellation Nov 13, 2013
You should go to the labour office. Only from there you can get rid out of this tension as UAE labour law supports the labour. You can also get your two months pending salary as from two months they have niether paid you anything nor cancled your visa.
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Re: Need Advice On Visa Cancellation Dec 17, 2013
I was offered a job by a private company in Dubai that is not in a free zone with a salary of 2500 DHS per month including food,accommodation & transportation. I have been here for almost 2 months,my probation is six months.I hold a Master's degree in finance and two years experience.They took my visa not in my profession,before i came i asked to them why you took that trade to me.They told me that,its easy to get employment visa.
So currently i am loosing my profession.I want to know can I resign from the company.
They are asking visa cost and other expenses that are spend by them for me.I signed my contract because of my superior's pressure.I am first time in dubai.I don't know legal procedures in dubai.
Is there any provision in law say,pay the visa expenses?I know i will get ban,if i resigned before 2 years contract period.Suggest me a better solution to resign from this company.

1. To resign from company,employee have to pay visa expenses or any expenses?
2. My sign in contract will leads to any legal actions?
3. Time takes for cancellation of visa?

Hope you will reply soon.Waiting for your reply.

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Re: Need Advice on Visa Cancellation Dec 21, 2013
Please tell your valuable suggestions for help me from this situation.

Waiting for your reply
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