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Labour law? Jul 27, 2011
My wife is here on my spouse visa and looking for a job in being a makeup artist any other opportunity which is similar in work. She recently got an interview with a local company who has kiosks setup in the malls. I won't name them here, that isn't the point to bash them.

But after the second interview they revealed the contract details. This seems like the most insane thing I have ever heard. I think there is very little capital outlay for them since she can work on the spouse visa and they do not need to pull one for her. However, they said if she leaves before the first year she has to give them back all her pay..?? :o

We politely told them to shove it.. Anyone else experience something similar.. Isn't this deemed illegal?

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Re: Labour law? Jul 27, 2011
The prospective employer should still obtain a work permit for your wife from the Labour Department, this is an important requirement as it offers an element of protection to all employees.

Article 60 of the Labour Law clearly states what can be deducted from an employees remuneration.

Employees who are not UAE nationals may be employed in the United Arab Emirates
only after approval of the Labour Department and the obtainment of a work permit in
accordance with the procedures decided by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Work
permits may only be granted if the following conditions are fulfilled.

a. That the employee has the professional competence of educational qualifications
that are needed by the State.
b. That the employee has lawfully entered the Country and complies with the
conditions stipulated by the residence regulations in force in the State.

Any amounts of money may not be deducted from the employee's remuneration to
recover particular rights, except in the following cases:

a. Repayment of advances or amounts of money paid to the employee in excess of
his entitlement, provided that deduction in this case may not exceed 10% of the
employee's periodic pay.
b. Instalments which are payable by law by the employees from their
remuneration, such as social security and insurance schemes.
c. Subscriptions of the employees in the saving fund or advances due for payment
to the fund.
d. Instalments in respect of any social scheme or other privileges or services
provided by the employer and approved by the Labour Department.
e. Fines imposed upon the employee due to offences committed by him.
f. Any debts payable in execution of court judgment provided that not more than a
quarter of the employee's pay shall be deducted. In the event of numerous debts
or creditors, half of the remuneration at the most may be deducted and the sums
of money attached shall be divided pro rata among beneficiaries after payment
of any legal alimony amounting to one quarter of the remuneration.
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Re: Labour law? Jul 27, 2011
Thank you very much for the info!
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undefined Jun 25, 2014
leave salary calculation. less the 6 month how to calculation????? and send him leave salary and gratuity excel format also plz
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Re: Labour Law? Aug 27, 2014
if i go back to my country can the company where i work can file case against me that i robbed the company and took money from the company
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Re: Labour Law? Oct 13, 2014
Hello friends

Since most people participating in this thread are already
working in UAE, I wanted your kind guidance to a fellow aspiring worker.

I am expecting to receive a job offer soon. Whilst
interviewing I did not declare one of my previous employers. The employment was
only a few months and I didn’t leave on good terms with that employer.

I wanted to know what
information on past employers does the UAE government request as part of the
work visa/residency visa process
. The reason I ask is that I have also
applied for Australian immigration and was afraid that the Australian
immigration department in its background check on me would compare employers
with the UAE government. I am afraid since I have declared all my employers
(including this one) on my Australian immigration application. So when they see
the difference, they might use this as grounds for rejecting my application.

Thank you dear friends very much
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undefined Oct 18, 2014
As Salam Mua Lai Kum

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