Any Change In Cost Of Living?

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Any Change in Cost of living? Feb 01, 2009
We are hearing alot about a slowdown in the jobs market in Dubai in the last few months. Has this had any affect on the cost of living yet? We are just deciding whether or not to take up a position and was wondering if the rent / food / cars costs we are hearing about are on the way down.

Wishful thinking?

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Feb 02, 2009
Rent is falling. The Dubai rent index has guide prices (expensive since they're from 2008). Food not so much. Cars you might get good deals on luxury cars that have been abandoned. Or new and second hand cars from dealers as demand falls and stocks rise. Here's more about the Dubai cost of living :).
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Feb 09, 2009
agreed; bear in mind the uae is pretty much isolated and only self-sufficient in a few minor products - the rest are imported - this includes food stuffs, clothes, vehicles etc.... as such those prices are not likely to drop drastically
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Feb 09, 2009
Quite a few of my friends in Dubai are worried about their or their husband's jobs right now. In an example outside of Dubai, but still relevant to these economic times, a woman started in my husband's office only to get laid off Jan. 1 after a mere 3 months with the company. Seems a shame she was hired only for them to get rid of her so soon. Just be careful that the job isn't at risk of being cut before you make the big move.
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Feb 27, 2009
Lots of uncertainty everywhere it seems
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Re: Any Change in Cost of living? Oct 18, 2010
In Dubai, cost of living changes mostly involved in the accommodation factor. Real estate is a thriving industry in Dubai as it becomes even more New York-like. Competing with commercial development, costs of residential buildings have gone up considerably in recent years. With the surge of businesses, the influx of foreign workers in Dubai has raised the demand for living spaces. Flats, villas and living quarters have become a scarce resource in Dubai because of the surge in demand. Therefore, rent is a huge consideration.
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