Annual Leave Entitlement

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Annual Leave Entitlement Apr 04, 2010
Question: Does an employer have the right to deny a worker his annual leave?

I found this in the UAE Labor Law:

Article 78
Each worker shall be entitled to his basic wage and the housing allowance, if applicable, in respect of his days of annual leave. Where it was imperative for the work interest to put a worker on duty during all or part of his annual leave, and if the leave days on which he worked were not carried forward to the following year, the employer shall pay him his normal wage plus an allowance in lieu of leave, for the actually worked days, calculated on the basis of his basic wage.
In no case shall a worker be made to work during his annual leave more than once in two successive years.

It appears from above that the employer can deny a worker his annual leave, but not twice in a row. Is it against the law then to deny an annual leave for the 2nd time within 2 years? TIA

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