Resignation And Bonus Entitlement

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Resignation and Bonus Entitlement Apr 30, 2014
I worked in a semi-government company (im not really sure if it is semi or government because the management can't even decide) for almost 6 years. I started working April 2008 and my last working day was March 20, 2014 which was a Thursday. There was an announcement for bonus for the year 2013 on my last working day and the bonus was given on March 24, 2014. Only two working days short of my last day.

My HR send me my computation for my end of service without the bonus. I asked them why it was not given to me since the bonus is for 2013. They told me that it is written in the policy (which by the way is confidential as per the HR manager) that an employee is not entitled to the bonus if the bonus is given after his last working day. Frankly, it sounds pathetic since it is for 2013. I have a feeling that he just made up the policy so I will not run after the bonus. But for me, I am entitled to it. I asked for the copy of the policy or even put that in writing but he did not do it.

My concern is, can I run after my bonus and if they don't give it to me, can Dubai Labour Court help me with it?
And, aren't HR policies suppose to be communicated to all employees?

Your thoughts please as I want to fight for it since I feel that I am entitled for it and my ex-boss and my current boss even think I the company should give it to me.

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