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Media Job in Dubai Oct 05, 2007
:D Hey folks

Kina worried to post or ask after I have read quite some of posts, but I will give my best.

I am currently in New York City, finishing my college while doing an internship. My friend, who's been in Dubai for some time, kina suggested me to come over there and get a job there so we can hang out.

I've been searching some websites and read quite a lot of articles, but it's kina hard to see any media companies, like TV stations or production companies, looking for people.

Since I don't know much about the city and the country, would anyone kindly tell me any info on such companies or if anyone here is working in such companies, would you let me know where to get information on jobs or requirements??

Thax bunch

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Oct 05, 2007
most of the media companies are based in one of the Free Zones... aptly named "Media city" - very original name, but there is is.
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Oct 07, 2007
try itp as they are one of the biggest media concerns here (print magazines) and tend to be open to considering new grads...
good luck!
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