UMMAH Of Muhammad S.w.s.

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UMMAH of Muhammad s.w.s. May 27, 2019
Assalamu alaykum Ummah!

The Prophet (ﷺ) said "None of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father, his children and all mankind."

This year I decided to send sawab of my khatmah as a present to the soul of Muhammad s.w.s.
Before I used to ask Allah to give sawab to my dead ancestors. Now I ask to be sent to Muhammad s.w.s. on behalf of me and my ancestors. Isn't it 2 in 1?

When Muhammad s.w.s. was on his deathbed his last and biggest worries were for his ummah. Entire ummah, not locals only, or Arabs only.

He, s.w.s., worried for all of us!
And I personally think that caring about whole UMMAH is the biggest sunnah of Muhammad s.w.s.

But today everything is so wrong with "ummah". Society cares about 'pious' and 'religious' people mostly. Others can die! Who cares!

Most of 'baytul maal' goes to religious people, students of islamic studies, huffaz, missionaries, schools... For example, in my country, those people who work in Islamic institutions get holidays expenses from "baytul maal" and go to Turkey for a week or so. They get umrah, hajj, salary and other benefits.

I notice that it is similar here. If students want to study Arabic or Islamic studies there is scholarship for them. If they want study engineering then nothing unless they are locals or Arabs. Strange!

No wonder why Islam is not spreading like in time of sahaba. There are circles of people that are simply priority to everybody. As if one will save his soul only by helping declared pious believers and no one else!

Atheists in my country make fun of people who invest only in religious houses, and study only religious studies. They usually said that such people don't help society much.
Well, they all have different goals. Religious people think more of akhirah (other world), but take and use everything they can from this world!

Some person goes to learn Qur'an, then gets scholarship, umrah, hajj, donations for all activities in future such as teaching, giving speeches etc.

But what do others get? Nothing! Unless they are so poor that they have no food. Then they will get some crumbs.

Well ummah, good luck with sending religious workers to holidays, to hajj or umrah, giving them scholarships, salaries, donations for da'wah activities....They keep it in their circles only. No outsider can get close to that sources of help, that is collected from all people as charity, sadakah and given only to them.

They know how to help; only those who wear certain clothes, those who do certain activities and those who study their curriculums. Everybody else is not "chosen" member of UMMAH.

Only "chosen" members of Ummah are secure way to Paradise. Only via them you can save yourself. Others are not worth as they don't want to to be pious.

Others believe for themselves and want to be of use to entire society choosing to study medicine, engineering, IT, art, business, management and others worldly stuff, instead of Tajweed, Arabic, Qur'an etc., which are only supported in scholarships for "others".

What an Ummah!!! How we came to that point to think that we are saving souls if we give zakaat and sadaqatul fitr only to islamic institutions (in money only) and they send their workers to holidays or hajj and umrah.

Five months I am seeking scholarship for my two orphan kids (from my first marriage, whose father died). And all I get answers: let them study Arabic or Tafseer and we will give them full scholarship!
They want make them forever dependent of help, saying in future; "let me read you some Qur'an and you give me money to live". Yuck!

We don't believe for money or for scholarship. We believe for ourselves, it is between us and Allah. We don't need to be payed for believing, nor sent to umrah or hajj for memorizing Qur'an, nor to be payed if we talk to others about Islam and spread peace and love!

That is meant to be payed by Allah!

How I wish that Mohamed s.w.s. is alive. As single mother I would not be worried for my orphan kids even if they choose to study whatever worldly subject or to learn anything else then Qur'an and Sunnah.
What a world, what an ummah!

No wonder we were the biggest worry of Muhammad s.w.s. on his deathbed. We turned religion into pay cheque and we support that system as if Paradise depends on it.

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