Teaching Children To Recognise Forced Marriage.

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Teaching Children To Recognise Forced Marriage. Dec 14, 2011
Another disturbing fact I've just heard on the radio is that schools in England are to teach children how to recognise if they or there friends are being forced into marriage.
This is to be taught in Citizenship classes in schools where it is felt appropriate. The first children to be instructed in how to recognise forced marriages is in North London.

There is a Forced Marriage Unit, they tell me, which has investigated 1700 cases of forced marriage, this year alone, in England. The Unit believes the cases of forced marriage could be as high as 8000.

Investigators spoke to a girl, she was sent off to Pakistan to visit her relatives for a couple of months and when she returned to the UK she was congratulated on her engagement. It was the first she had heard of it. She now realises she was sent 'home' to be given the once over by her perspective husbands family.

I can't imagine being forced into a marriage nor having to marry someone through an arrangement.

Nor could I ever imagine forcing my daughters to marry anyone and I thank God that they would never go along with it anyway. They have brought up to be independent young women and not someone's property.
It's obsence that this has to be taught in English schools at the expense of the British taxpayer and the expense of some real education like reading and writing!

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