Is Religion In Terminal Decline In Britain?

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Is religion in terminal decline in Britain? Dec 20, 2011

Amazing isnt it, my brothers and sisters we should happy we are not in such a land, where that day is not far, when they mate in a public place in full view of an audience, and they will be so deluded they will worship their own metabolic wastes.

Curses on the so called civilized world. We should be happy we do not dwell in such a perverted nation

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Re: Is Religion In Terminal Decline In Britain? Dec 20, 2011
uaehop ,

I'm glad I don't live In Egypt, where women stripped by the Army in public and get a good kicking!

Give me good old England any day where you are free to speak your own mind without fear of being jailed.
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Re: Is Religion In Terminal Decline In Britain? Dec 22, 2011
religion is in terminal decline everywhere - most people just pretend
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