Question On Marriage Betwn Non-muslim Men And Muslim Women

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Sep 26, 2009
It certainly is refreshing to have respectful discussions with people on subjects that we have views on and perhaps are passionate about.

I am never surprised that I learn from others and have to constantly re-evaluate prior beliefs. Some issues I have debated at length and I can usually spot a troll at a thousand paces... and yes, I do enjoy a spot of troll baiting to pass the time. It's usually the 'cut and paste and ignore argument brigade' that get this treatment.

But in my many years of face to face and on-line discussions about religion and politics, I rarely find anyone who is really willing to change their minds. On the contrary, those who have changed their religion have been those looking for answers, rather than those who wish to get their points across - believing that they have the monopoly on the truth.

As for Epicurus' quote - it shows the debate on the need/existence of God and need for religion isn't a new one.

It's usually quite clear when I'm not playing devil's advocate (and baiting the Israeli fanbois) that I merely enjoy answering questions about Islam and sharing my views/insights of my study of comparative religions. For me it is a 'cardinal sin' to take any argument at 'faith' value, as I put it - for me it needs to have logic. But that is just my belief - and I don't believe others should (or do) follow this. Beliefs are personal.

So, I also thank you! ;)


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