Is Islam So Simple (in Practice) As We Have Learnt As Kids?

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Is Islam so simple (in practice) as we have learnt as kids? Feb 10, 2018
I know from basics, which I have learnt as a child, that to be a Muslim you have to believe in 6 pillars of iman:

1. God is The Only One, Alone, He has no partner or a child
2. Angels are true and real
3. Books sent by God are true
4. Prophets sent by God are true
5. The Judgement Day is true
6. Our divine destiny is written and true

Well, what does it mean to believe in God Alone?

Does that mean to be friends with people who worship idols, made by their hands, in our front yard?

What does it mean to believe in existence of angels?

Does it mean to be fine with asking idol worshipers for protection, as if God didn't already granted us protection by angels?
As if God didn't already warned us that we never take mushriks for protectors. If somebody is raping his sisters how can we take him as protector for our daughters?

What does it mean to believe in Books of God?

Does that mean to be closer friends to mushriks then to followers of Books, such as Muslims, Christians and Jews?

What does it mean to believe in Prophets?

Does that mean that we are friends with people who worship golden weal (cow) or with people who worship idols, even thou Moses and Abraham were against that? Or even to be close friends with mushriks while Muhammed, a.s., was refugee because of them?

What does it mean to believe in Judgement Day?

Does it mean to sell our deen for some money or friendships on this world, so that we can survive until that Day?

What does it mean to believe in divine destiny?

Does that mean to do whatever we want, just to secure our wealth and lives, no matter how, no matter what, as if we will live forever?

So for me as a Muslim everything is so simple and easy:

GOOD: believing in One and Only God and worshiping only Him
BAD: worshiping idols

GOOD: believe, support and follow Prophets (Isaa a.s. will come back)
BAD: asking protection from idols or their worshipers

GOOD: believe and follow Books sent by God
BAD: follow Satan, his worshipers, materialistic people, Dajjal etc.

GOOD: believe and mind angels
BAD: being afraid of devils

GOOD: believe and prepare for The Judgement Day
BAD: live for wealth, fame, power, immortality...

GOOD: believe in divine destiny and have peace of mind
BAD: being afraid of losing life, wealth or friendships while on The Right Path.

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