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Re: Islam Reading List Jan 11, 2012
Generally speaking, Islam is taken to be a very humorless religion where it is strictly prohibited to laugh and enjoy the benefits of this mortal world. There is no scope of humor and witty writings. Now the Muslims are known in the West for suicide bombers who hate the joys of life. In their wisdom Islam is a religion, which promotes terrorism.

This concept is far from reality and due to the rude behavior of Mullahs (so called Islamic Scholars) who exert all their energies to frighten others from hell and damnation. I don't want to say that they should not frighten people from hell and damnation but it is not enough to highlight the true image of Islam. Indeed Islam in itself is a complete code, which covers all spheres of life. Indeed Allah and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) encourage the human beings to enjoy benefits and delights of this world which are bestowed to the human beings. There is no concept of monkery in Islam.

The humorous and witty literature is concerned, generally, it is presumed that there is no room for such literature and force is derived from the following Hadith (saying of Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon Him]):-

The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The man who narrates something to make other laugh will be hurled to hell."

However, such respected scholars of the religion forget this hadith which states:

"One who tells a lie to make others laugh will be hurled to hell."

The combined reading of the above two ahadith (sayings of Prophet) makes it abundantly clear that though the humor is not prohibited in Islam, however, making false statement for the purpose of making others laugh is prohibited. While discussing the disposition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), his companions (may Allah please with them) say that his light discussion used to adorn worried faces with pleasant smiles and His delightful discussion makes the atmosphere of the congregations pleasant and charming.

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