Education In The Service Of Consumerism

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Education in the service of Consumerism Dec 20, 2019

Imagine.....wait, no.

Don't imagine; look!

Look, you give a birth to a child and from earliest age possible you give it to some private Childcare Educational System. Your child works there very hard, 6 hours per day, 5 days per week, with little quantity of poor quality food like macaroni, simple rice or quarter of pancake. For snack gets orange/ banana / or apple to share with two-three peers. And you have to buy costumes, and the fees money that you pay to childcare every month is being used for stage setting purposes. Can you imagine how many costumes and settings will there be needed yearly? You don't need to imagine, just follow social media accounts for private Nurseries and Schools and you can count yourself.

In the private educational system it is not allowed to expose children to letters and numbers in an early age. That's left until children join private schools. But only until Winter or Summer camps! Those children whose parents paid highly prices of 'adventurous' Winter/Summer Camps are entitled to be exposed to letters and numbers. Those who didn't enroll into such programs are missing out and they will never be at the same level of preparedness for school. They will not have the same level of knowledge as those who paid more, and therefore they will be less confident children and pupils.

Children are left little time to learn or to play. Most of the time they have to follow instructions of how to pose, what to play when teacher want to take a picture, how to smile, where to look at, how to interact with (fake) smiling teacher in the moment of photoshoot etc.
All hassle is for marketing purpose at social media and for reputation. Directors of private Nurseries and Schools are in constant competition with concurrence on media; see how they did it, we have to do it better, we have to reach those parents that didn't enroll children by now and make sure they choose us. If children are crying or not cooperating they are being left into corners and ignored in photoshoot with aim to learn independence or simply for the reason: "they are like that".

It seems that Educational System is supporting this ways of Business and Consumerism. The owners of private institutions are at the same time in positions where they can decide curricula (Ministries) and owners of thematic parks that will be part of schools curricula with obliged visits etc.
What do you get when you 'educate' whole generations of actors who smile mechanically every time camera appears in front of them, just for purpose to make money for yourself?
What do the country gets, gains and hopes for, with such new generation?
Is it morally acceptable to screw lives of little children to become more rich, reputable and famous and therefore more powerful, respected and accepted on levels where you can make things to work your way....

Consumerism is a new MORAL. Not new Religion or God. But new Moral Education. All for purpose of power.

But does the Ends justify the Means?

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