Don't Go Into Fascism. It Can Stick With You For Decades...

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Don't go into Fascism. It can stick with you for decades... Jun 15, 2021
In World War II Hitler dispatched Nazis to Bosnia to apprehend all blond, blue-eyed, tall young men.
They brought whomever they discovered back to Germany for military training.
My granddad was one of the captured men.
He left his wife and child at home and went to a training program for a year.
The Nazis then sent them back to battle as part of the Handschar Division, a special unit entirely made of foreigners.
However, when they were close our location, my grandfather fled. It was simple for him to flee since he understood the terrain and the ancient techniques of breathing underwater, that all boys raised near rivers knew.
He dove into the river and hid under three roots along the bank. To breathe underwater, he utilized a reed stalk. As a result, he lingered in the water for hours on end, until the hunt for him faded.
He made it to his house by only traveling at night and resting in secret during the day. As a result, he was no longer in the conflict.
He discarded fascism.

In the twenty-first century, I see certain people who don’t know how to discard fascism and others who want to become fascists. But here's my advice to all of them them: leave fascism to the whites, since we know how to get out of it! Thank you very much.

Just to make it clear; I am not a racist! But for those who call Bosnians Turks (just because we accepted Islam), I love to say that our genetics was approved by Hitler himself. :twisted:

We are neither fascist, nor Turks. Please don't you be fascist too. Please! Let's live in peace and freedom (of choice).

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