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Jul 08, 2008
dear chocoholic,
I'm not a religious man, and I agree that a discussion clarify a cretin subject or in your case teaches people with a lack of knowledge a new perspective in life. However, in order to have a civilized discussion, the topic has to based on a solid fact or at least makes a bit of sense to it's audience ! in the case of this topic, what is goal behind it ? does it make any sense ? a certain god involve with devils ? regardless what or who god is it! Dear chocohilic , we are not living the dark ages you urge for anymore and we certainly need no religiousholic people walking around creating sensitive unexplained issues that it's chain reaction is unstoppable.
I thank the author taking the time to translating, but is his goal again ? preferring one god on another ? hurting people feelings in something they believed in since childhood ? do we need such behavior in a world that is now full of hate because of religious and political issues ? shouldn't we more concentrating on making the world a better place ? friendlier world with no religious boundaries ?
In a modern discussion people share their opinions with each other , and end up either agreeing or not, and if not then explains why ! doesn't it?
The author last reply was in Thu Jun 12, 2008 5:29 pm , where is he from his discussion session ? was he serious in bringing such a subject to a public board? If yes , I would like to see his reply on defending his argument , shouldn't we all dear.
But like you dear chocoholic , he is just a person trying to poison a peaceful society with unnecessary ideas.

If this subject matter much to you , I would advice you to get a hold of book related to it, read it, and gives your own opinion dear (if you are realy in favor of discussing things, participate , be useful instead of telling people what they should and shouldn't do.

Thanks and god bless.

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